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Archive for September, 2014

Tuesday, September 30th, 2014

Dr. Hallowell Comments on ADHD Month

The month of October is ADHD Awareness Month.  It also marks the 20th anniversary of the publication of Driven to Distraction.

How far we’ve come since 1994 in our nation’s collective awareness of ADHD.  But how far we have yet to go!

I think it’s deserved for us all to pat ourselves on the back a bit for joining together to educate the public about ADHD.  But the timing is also propitious to sound the alert as to how much more there is to be done.

Stigma still retards progress.  Factions still prevent the unified efforts that would bring greatest success.  Children still suffer in schools unnecessarily, and millions of adults who have ADHD still don’t know they have it.  New non-medication treatments are emerging, but we need more research to validate them and develop new ones.

Still, we have come a long way since that book came out.  Back then, when I went on talk shows, the first question I was asked was, “How do you know ADHD is real?  Isn’t it just a fancy excuse to get out of doing work?”

I am never asked that question today.  True, some uninformed people still wonder about it, but the science is so solid that no informed person has any doubt but that ADHD is real.

Now the great task is to educate this country–and the world–as to how best to identify ADHD and how best to deal with it.

With your help, we will do this work, and we will do it sooner than later.  We must, because millions of lives will suffer without it, while millions will thrive once they get the right kind of help.

It is a time to feel grateful, but also to rededicate out efforts.  I intend to keep working hard on behalf of this cause.  I hope you all do, as well.

Monday, September 29th, 2014

ADHD and Conflict Resolution

The ADDvantage in Resolving Conflicts
by Rebecca Shafir M.A.CCC

Unresolved conflict can be destructive. It polarizes thinking and leads to morale problems, secrecy, reduced flow of information, wasted time and money and decision-making paralysis. The longer we wait to resolve the issues, the more destructive it becomes. Conflict is just plain uncomfortable!

We have four basic needs, that when violated, spark conflict:
•    to feel valued, respected and recognized for your contribution.
•    to be in control
•    self-esteem
•    be consistent and save face.

When it comes to disputes and arguments with family, friends and co-workers, we all tend to procrastinate and stuff the bad feelings.  But did you know that ADDers have some distinct advantages when it comes to resolving disputes? For example, from an ADDer’s point of view:

1)    conflict and difference of opinion is interesting and keeps one’s attention.
2)    there are many creative ways re-frame adversity – it is a learning experience, a way to build bridges, etc.
3)    it’s an opportunity to use one’s intuitive gift to go beyond the words to a level of better understanding of the other’s needs.
4)    whether the conflict can be resolved or not, it makes possible the chance to open the eyes and ears of others to understand you.

Take action. Start with yourself. How do you manage conflict?  Do you…

•    avoid certain people?
•    need to vent your frustrations?
•    find it tough to get out of problem solving mode and “put it aside?”
•    find yourself complaining more than others?
•    have sudden bursts of energy, start multiple projects and abandon them?
•    come up with “perfectly good reasons” not to change?
•    resist listening to the other party?
•    respond by retaliating, isolating yourself or dominating?

If you answered yes to even a few of the above, you might consider some ways to use your aptitude for conflict resolution:

1) Observe how conflict is triggered in you and others when any of the 4 needs are not met.

2) Practice mindful listening daily to understand what motivates the other party to say and do what they do. Listening is the first step to any negotiation. (see www.mindfulcommunication.com)

3) Know your reaction style and ask a friend if they agree with your perception.

4) Tone down internal conflicts by finding quiet within – meditation,
aerobic exercise, deep breathing, yoga, etc.

Thursday, September 25th, 2014

Dr. Hallowell Kicks Off October ADHD Month

Attention Talk Radio put together an ADHD Dream Team of experts for five interviews during ADHD Awareness month which includes Dr. Hallowell, Dr Barkley, Dr. Thomas Brown, and Dr. Anthony Rostain on VERY cutting edge topics.

“We want to really kick things off with a BANG which is why the Dr. Hallowell show is 10/1,” said Jeff Cooper of Attention Talk Radio.

The show has been pre-taped and will be ready to air 10/1/14 at 8 pm ET.  Listen to the show live at Attention Talk Radio or  by dialing in at 646-652-4409. After the show airs it can be accessed in the archives at the same link or in iTunes.

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2014

Pay Attention! Dr. Hallowell Discusses Attention Addiction in Entrepreneur Magazine

Attention Addiction is a fairly recent phenomenon, and a serious problem for many people. Addition to technology breaks up marriages.

Attention Deficit Trait, termed by Dr. Hallowell, is a condition that mimics ADD, or Attention Deficit Disorder. The constant bombardment of data and signals causes people to lose their concentration, do poorly at work, and ultimately induces stress and anxiety.

Read the article: Entrepreneur Magazine Dr. Hallowell Interview Sept 2014 Pay Attention

Tuesday, September 9th, 2014

Infinite Possibilities with Dr. Hallowell

It’s back to school, back to work, good bye to summer, welcome to fall, and here we go again, in the great cycle of life.

I used to dread September because, even though I was a good student, I did not welcome giving up the lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer.  Who did?  Why did I have to go back for another year of studying, taking tests, and wondering about what my future might hold?

It’s that last part, what my future might hold, that grabbed me today when I started to think about it.  Do you remember your school years?  Do you remember how long it seemed until the day you were done with school, but, at the same time, how infinite the possibilities seemed as to what life might hold for you once you got out?

We kids dreamed great dreams, dreams of doing just about anything at all.  Everything seemed possible and impossible both at once back then.  The future stretched out before us, a radiant display of glittering possibilities, beckoning us like lush mirages, captivating our imaginations like an hallucinogenic herb, enchanting us with the myriad stories we told ourselves that might come true.  Oh, it was grand to be so young, so inexperienced, so naive.  It was grand never to have kissed, and then one magical day, to kiss.  It was grand never to have read a book and been unable to put it down, and then, one day, to do that as well.  It was grand to try and try and try again, and then, one day, to prevail against all odds.

Looking back on his childhood, Wordsworth wrote, “Whither has it fled, the visionary gleam?  Where is it now, the glory and the dream?”  The title of the poem that line comes from is “Intimations of Immortality.”  Indeed, that’s what we did back then.  We entertained endless intimations of immortality.

We couldn’t die.  We were bold and green and as brimming hope as a person could be.  We were ready to take on the world, and terrified of doing so all at once.  But we took our chances.

Now?  Some dreams came true, some did not, and some are still in the making.  But for sure, we did have that time once, that precious time called childhood, when we built the muscles of imagination that strengthen and sustain us today.

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