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Archive for January, 2017

Friday, January 27th, 2017

Do Workers Have A Right to Disconnect?

France enacted a new law on January 1st that gives French workers “the right to disconnect” outside of work hours. As work-related stresses continue to grow for many, Dr. Hallowell wonders if this new law will catch on in other parts of the world.

Listen to DISTRACTION mini podcast #45 to learn why Dr. Hallowell feels it’s important to protect screen-free time, allow and why we should recreate the boundaries that we’ve torn down.

Learn more about managing your time in CrazyBusy.


Thursday, January 26th, 2017

Finding the Buried Treasure in ADHD

Dr. Edward Hallowell knows what it’s like to thrive with ADHD. In his expert chat with Understood, he talked about the positive side of ADHD, which he calls “a gift that is often difficult to unwrap rather than a disorder.”  Watch here!

Understood.org – Empowering millions of parents to help kids with learning and attention issues thrive in school and life!

 Click here to learn: What It’s Like to Have Dyslexia and Other Learning and Attention Issues.

Thursday, January 26th, 2017

Huffington Post Article with Dr. Hallowell: Brain Health at Work

Busy does not always equal productive.

It’s time for forward-thinking companies, leaders and aspiring leaders to act with more intention, and consider their employees experience with regard to productivity. It’s time to create workplaces that minimize distraction, and nurture attention management and the mental performance of knowledge workers. Your company might already have wellness and engagement programs. It’s time for brain-optimizing initiatives to join them.

Read more in the Huffington Post.

Friday, January 20th, 2017

Managing Inauguration Day Emotions!

In this special DISTRACTION episode, Dr. Hallowell uses Inauguration Day as the backdrop to offer advice to an agitated, combustible population on controlling worry and anxiety over the nation’s future.

He encourages everyone, “Don’t hold back on life out of fear.” LISTEN NOW and find out how to control Worry and learn tips on managing your emotions.

Read Dr. Hallowell’s post on Worry? Putting it in Perspective.


Tuesday, January 17th, 2017

How to Manage Cyberbullying and “The Dark Net.”

We invite you to join Dr. Hallowell as he addresses the topic of cyberbullying and “The Dark Net” in Ep. 44 Cyberbullied to Death.

He speaks with Dr. Lisa Strohman, founder of the Technology Wellness Center, about this serious issue and specifically about the recent case of Brandy Vela, a Texas teen who was pushed over the edge by cyberbulling.

I invite you to listen to their discussion on the dark side of the internet and how kids are getting themselves into serious trouble. Dr. Strohman offers advice to help parents manage their children’s tech time and shares her gripping information about cyberbullying.

Dr. Hallowell recommends, “Balancing Electronic Moments with Human Moments.” The most reliable places to find meaning and love in your everyday life are in moments that affect you emotionally and move you most deeply. I call these human moments. The most reliable places find human moments are in the connections you make. . I am not referring to your business connections, of course, but to the connections of your heart. The people and the places that you love.   Learn more about The Human Moment here.

Have a question for Dr. Hallowell? Or a suggestion? A comment on a past episode or topic? Maybe you’d like to be a guest on DISTRACTION or have an idea for a future guest or topic. We’d love to hear from you. Use the form, or call 844-552-6663.

Thursday, January 12th, 2017

Take Mental Health Seriously!

In Distraction Podcast  mini Ep43, Dr. Hallowell reacts to the shooting at the Fort Lauderdale, FL airport on January 9, 2017. He shares his thoughts on how “the system” failed the shooter, questions how we can get mental health help to the people who really need it and reminds us “to take mental health seriously.”


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