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50 Tips on the Classroom Management of ADD, ADHD

by Edward M. Hallowell, M.D. and John J. Ratey, M.D. Copyright(C) 1992

For children with ADHD to do well, it is imperative that their teacher understand what ADHD is and knowhow to work with these children in the classroom. The classroom experience can make or break the self-esteem, as well as the intellectual foundation, of children with ADHD.

To assist in the classroom, we offer fifty tips written for ADHD children in school. Since these tips were written explicitly for the classroom teacher, you may find it useful to share them with your child’s school.

Teachers recognize what many professionals do not: that there is no one syndrome of ADHD, but many; that ADHD rarely occurs in “pure” form by itself, but rather it usually shows up entangled with several other problems such as learning disabilities or mood problems; that the face of ADHD changes with the weather, that it’s inconstant and unpredictable; and that the treatment for ADHD, despite what may be serenely elucidated in various texts, remains a task of hard work and devotion. The effectiveness of any treatment for this disorder at school depends upon the knowledge and the persistence of the school and the individual teacher.

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