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Dr Hallowell ADHD and mental and cognitive health

A resource about ADD, ADHD, and mental health
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Excerpted from Delivered From Distraction

1. Do what you’re good at. Don’t spend too much time trying to get good at what you’re bad at. (You did enough of that in school.)

2. Delegate what you’re bad at to others, as often as possible.

3. Connect your energy to a creative outlet.

4. Get well enough organized to achieve your goals. The key here is “well enough.” That doesn’t mean you have to be very well organized at all—just well enough organized to achieve your goals.

5. Ask for and heed advice from people you trust—and ignore, as best you can, the dream-breakers and finger-waggers.

6. Make sure you keep up regular contact with a few close friends.

7. Go with your positive side. Even though you have a negative side, make decisions and run your life with your positive side.

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5 Rules for Succeeding in the Workplace When You Have ADHD by Edward Hallowell.

Join Dr. Hallowell and other experts as they discuss Thriving in the Workplace with ADHD and provide tips on how to stay organized, finish projects on time and build your self esteem.  

Read Dr. Hallowell’s book, Driven to Distraction at Work . Learn about ADT (Attention Deficit Trait), its traits, how it effects your focus and productivity, and what are the six most common distractions at work and how to overcome them.

SHINE: Using Brain Science to Get the Best from Your People

Shine-PyramidToday’s workplace is a pressure cooker – even the most talented people struggle to sort through an influx of information, relentless demands, and unprecedented stress.  Employees are exhausted from the recession – most have had to do far more with far less and it’s taking a toll.
Addressing these pressing issues and presenting needed and trusted advice is bestselling author, psychiatrist, and ADD expert, Edward (Ned) Hallowell. Dr. Hallowell combines new research into brain science with what we know about performance management to offer a proven process for managers to get the best from their teams and their people. Dr. Hallowell introduces what he calls, “the Cycle of Excellence” – a five-step plan that draws on his own work of helping people to overcome their problems to become more productive in everyday life.

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I often call ADHD the “entrepreneur trait.”

Watch What is the Entrepreneurial Trait and how to make it work for you 

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Next Steps

1) Keep learning about ADD/ADHD! Some good places to start:

2) If you believe that you may have ADD/ADHD, get a professional diagnosis:

  • The Hallowell Centers specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of ADD/ADHD, for those in or near Massachusetts, New York, San Francisco or Seattle.
  • For those not near a Hallowell Center, we have a page to help you find a referral to someone qualified who can diagnose ADD/ADHD
  • Ask your doctor about getting tested for ADD/ADHD

3) Remember that you are not alone! There is a tremendous community to support and help you. A few places to look, depending on your needs:

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