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SHINE: Using Brain Science to Get the Best from Your People

Today’s workplace is a pressure cooker – even the most talented people struggle to sort through an influx of information, relentless demands, and unprecedented stress.  Employees are exhausted from the recession – most have had to do far more with far less and it’s taking a toll.
Addressing these pressing issues and presenting needed and trusted advice is bestselling author, psychiatrist, and ADD expert, Edward (Ned) Hallowell. Dr. Hallowell combines new research into brain science with what we know about performance management to offer a proven process for managers to get the best from their teams and their people.
Dr. Hallowell introduces what he calls, “the Cycle of Excellence” – a five-step plan that draws on his own work of helping people to overcome their problems to become more productive in everyday life.

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Shine-PyramidThe five steps in the Cycle of Excellence and what it teaches are as follows:

SELECT: Put the right people in the right job and give them responsibilities that “light up” their brains.
CONNECT: Strengthen interpersonal bonds among team members.
PLAY: Help people unleash their imaginations at work.
GRAPPLE & GROW: Enable employees to overcome pressure to achieve mastery of their work.
SHINE: Use the right rewards to stimulate loyalty and people’s desire to excel.

Dr. Hallowell shows how each step is critical in its own right and translates into actions a manager or worker can do and do now. According to Hallowell, the plan works because it brings together empirical evidence on peak performance into an integrated series of steps that create ideal conditions for managers to propel their people to excellence.  Let SHINE be your guide to inspiring excellence in your team.

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