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Dr Hallowell ADHD and mental and cognitive health

A resource about ADD, ADHD, and mental health
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FOR FAMILIES – 2019 is our 13th Season!

“It was a fantastic experience and will foster deep discussions with my son regarding his ADHD for a long time to come.” 

“If you are questioning whether or not to go, GO!”

Dr. Hallowell’s Summer Adventures ADHD Family Camp

Check back for July 2019 dates.  

Dr. Hallowell describes his summer camp in this VIDEO. Read more here.

Listen to his Podcast about the summer camp.

Read testimonials and learn more at www.hallowellsummercamp.com

Camp for siblings (with or without ADHD) and returning graduates too!


Dr Hallowell and Rob Himburg have created a one-of-a-kind weeklong camp for families. Children and parents attend separate morning sessions throughout the week, then have the afternoon and evenings to spend together. Dr Hallowell works with the parents and Rob works with the children. Parents participate in a highly interactive discussion-based seminar with Dr Hallowell, while the children work and play in a highly experiential adventure learning program created by Rob. The combination of the parallel programs can have an exponential growth effect for families – transforming past patterns and opening the way for better communication, understanding and connection. An additional children’s camp is also available for siblings.


FOR ADULTS – Cape Cod Institute – celebrating their 40th Anniversary Season in 2019!

August 12 – 16, 2019, Cape Cod  This one-week CE course with Dr. Hallowell, offered through the Cape Cod Institute, interweaving advanced material and innovative new treatments with introductory information, aimed both at professionals and non-professionals, will explore the entire world of ADHD in its human as well as its clinical and scientific dimensions. It will provide a solid, practical basis for understanding ADHD at all ages in all contexts.
The course runs mornings from 9 – noon; 3 hours with Dr. Hallowell and the rest of the day on the beach, on a sailboat, or curled up with a book.
Learn more and register HERE.
Comments from previous attendees: 
Such an engaging and knowledgeable presenter, really held my attention. Use of stories and case examples.”
“Enjoyed the free flowing interaction and connection between Ned and participants.”

The Summer Vacation: Smart Strategies for Students with ADHD

What can your child accomplish in the coming summer months to start the new academic year in good shape?

  1. Your child or adolescent should review the year with you, his/her counselor, or coach at the Hallowell Center. The last thing he or she wants to do is dwell on his or her challenges, but he or she does not want to forget the specifics or have to dig up papers and marks in the Fall to see what went well and what didn’t.
  2. See if he or she can isolate WHY certain subjects and activities were successful so the pattern can be continued in the coming year.
  3. If some subjects, activities, or settings presented challenges, make a list of these and brainstorm with help to prevent the same occurrences in the coming academic year.
  4. Think about technology. No more excuses about losing assignments, forgetting deadlines or losing slips of paper! Try it out over the summer so you will be all ready for the fall. See if he/she can learn to use it and give it a try.
  5. Bluberyl collaborates with families, educators, and clinicians to create personalized education solutions. Their strengths-based approach helps families transform school-related challenges into opportunities for success, connection, and self-discovery. Check out BLUBERYL PROGRAMS FOR THE COLLEGE-BOUND
  6. Does he or she use digitally recorded books? If he or she has a learning disability, they may be eligible to obtain books from Recordings for the Blind and Dyslexic. His or her teachers can assist with signing up if necessary. He or she can save a lot of time and also understand the material better if he or she hears it as well as reads it.

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