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A resource about ADD, ADHD, and mental health
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We have many people ask us how to locate a doctor near them that can help them either evaluate whether or not they have ADHD and other conditions or treat them. We are not able to provide specific recommendations, but we try to send you in the right direction.

The first step, even before searching out a doctor, is to learn about the most successful kinds of treatment for ADHD. We’ve put together a summation of what we know to work most successfully on our ADHD treatments page.

Please note that Dr. Hallowell isn’t able to respond to requests for referrals. Thank you for understanding.

Finding Support Groups and Physicians in Your Area

There are multiple Hallowell Center locations: near Boston (Sudbury), New York, Seattle and San Francisco. Each Center has clinicians who specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of children, adolescents and adults with ADHD and learning disorders. The Centers all share a multidisciplinary, strengths-based approach which includes Board Certified Physicians, Neuropsychologists, Psychologists, Coaches and educational specialists.

If you are not near a Hallowell Center or if it is important to see a physician who processes your insurance, then we have listed additional resources below. Please use these resources, as staff at the Hallowell Centers cannot provide you with referral information.

www.adhdmarriage.com – This blog by Dr. Hallowell and Melissa Orlov has useful information for adult relationships impacted by ADHD. There is also an extensive international Resource Directory here.

CHADD – While the national referral directory can be spotty because the doctors pay to be listed there, you may well find a name in your area. Go to the professional directory and then search by type of person you are looking for (coach, psychiatrist, etc) and by location. We also recommend finding the phone number for your local chapter and giving them a call as they may have specific information about specialists in their area.

ADDA – www.add.org has a good discussion group directory – the best we’ve found so far – which can be searched by state. Go the the main page and look under “finding help” in the top menu bar.

Psychology Today resource directory.

Dr. Hallowell and Dr. Ratey’s book, “Delivered from Distraction“, has an Appendix with a large number of resource agencies available organized by state.

In Canada – one of the best resources for finding specialists (as well as staying up to date on ADHD news in Canada) is at the site of ADHD coach, Pete Quily. The web address is www.ADDcoach4u.com. CADDAC is a resource for Canadians with ADHD.

In Germany – While Germany is still behind the US and the UK, there is a national association there. The website is at www.adhs-deutschland.de. There is also a support group that you can email to get in touch with others with ADD at adhs_eltern_shg@gmx.de.

In Manhattan – The Manhattan Adult ADD Support Group has a good list of physicians and others who work with people with ADD. You can contact them at www.maaddsg.org or call 845-278-3022. They also have many, many speakers come to their area.

The A.D.D. Resource Center, based in NYC (646-205-8080), has a practical library of useful information on its website-www.addrc.org. The Center provides coaching for adults, couples, entrepreneurs, parents and students, consultation for businesses and organizations, organization and time management training, and parenting skills groups.

If you have very limited financial means, you can contact Healthwatch to see if there are clinical trials going on which you can join. If you can join a clinical ADD trial then the evaluation is free.

The website to check for trials is www.centerwatch.com/patient/trials.html. You can also call your local teaching hospital or medical school to see if you can get into a resident’s clinic.

As we become aware of other excellent resources we will post them here.

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