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ADHD Clients Living Life Without a Plan

Living a Life of Intent

I have often thought of how people get where they are in life.  Since living in Nashville for the past three years, I hear many artists/performers report that they were just lucky.  Yes, they have talent but they were in the right place, with the right people, at the right time they explained.

I began to think….is this really true?  Is so much of the entertainment business just luck or timing?  My daughter is a musician and one of the reasons we moved to Nashville.  After speaking to many artists, most of them say yes even though they have trained, learned often many instruments, vocal lessons, toured, traveled, endured great criticisms as well as accolades from fans and music, agents, labels and producers, A/R people….you name it!  They explain that there are so many talented people here that it has to be luck or everyone would “make it” in the business.

The reason I am setting the backdrop so strongly on the idea of “luck” is that the word “intent” never seems to arise in these conversations.  After coaching people with ADHD now for 11 years, most of my clients report that life just happened.  That there wasn’t any real plan.  They did not think what they wanted to be when they grew up because they simply didn’t know.  For example, one of my clients said that they graduated from college and a friend thought they would be a great fit in a marketing company so they thought that sounded good, so they went on the interview and got the job.  Now they have been in the job for five years but now they don’t even know if they really like marketing.

Living a life full of intent can be challenging.  Just the word “intent” sounds scary, filled with obligation and commitment. What if I live this “intentful” life and none of my dreams and goals are realized?  Then what?

Life takes planning..  Talk to people you respect and would like to emulate.. Thisapplies to peoplein their 20’s  as well as those in their 40’s and 50’s.. Invest the time and money now to avoid “life just happens.” Phenomena.. Plan to live the life you want to based on your strengths and passions..

For a complimentary phone consultation, please call Christine L. Robinson, M.Ed. Certified ADHD Coach/Educational Consultant and Speaker at 617-842-0634 or Christine@Hallowellcenter.org. Skype or Facetime sessions available worldwide

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