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Dr. Hallowell's Blog

ADHD Coaching: Success is Not an Accident….Why not Invest in Your Future?

My work as a Certified ADHD Coach often leads me in many directions in terms of my clients’ careers and interests. I have coached teachers, yoga instructors, lawyers, veterinarians, Wall Street executives, psychologists, musicians….you get the idea. I have worked with a broad range of people whose career interests vary and the issues they want addressed are equally as varied. Some of my clients wish to address organizational or time management concerns while others have a great business idea but need help in focusing their business plan into an actual and realistic execution.

The one constant in my client base, whether they are entrepreneurs, stay at home Dads, marketing specialists or software salespeople, is that all of my clients are creative, intelligent and bring a unique perspective or reasoning ability that is often not seen in the general population. People with ADHD or dyslexia often think differently and I would like to stress there is nothing wrong with that. This difference can absolutely used as a strength….if you know how to use it to your benefit.

Specifically, I have coached a high level software project manager for years. “James” came to me initially because he felt his life and career were not going in the trajectory commensurate with his abilities. Extremely intelligent, with a tremendous social aptitude and an expert and natural networker, “James” by many people’s assessment, should be earning well into the 6 figure range in the NYC market. “James” stayed steadfast in committing to our ongoing weekly process, speaking about everything and anything relating to his life. A few topics addressed in “James” coaching sessions were discussing organizational drawbacks and stoplights, how best to practically handle elderly parent’s care, the best career options, the best tools for financial/personal organization and how best to set up a new corporation. We have never missed a weekly call in over three years. In those three years, “James” has tripled his income! He even has a new opportunity on deck that may result in the quadrupling of his original income when he began the coaching process with me. In addition to his financial gains, he has control over his family commitments and is in a very positive romantic relationship.

Of course, no one can be guaranteed these type of results…it has taken hard work and commitment on both of our parts to bring this type of positive outcome. My coaching style is very focused on the individual and intensely zeroed in on change. In addition to traditional one hour weekly sessions, I have begun a coaching on demand program that often appeals to busy executives or people that need and want more flexibility and urgency in their coaching methodology. Please call me for a personal and confidential and complimentary 30 minute session. Please remember, many of your ADHD symptoms can be managed to bring positive results. Coaching can shine the light and bring clarity and definition to aspects of your life that were never previously in focus.

For a complimentary phone consultation, please call Christine L. Robinson, M.Ed. Certified ADHD Coach/Educational Consultant at 617-842-0634 or Christine@HallowellCenter.org Skype or Facetime sessions are also available

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