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ADHD Tip: Exercise vigorously and regularly.

Exercise vigorously and regularly. You should schedule this into your life and stick with it. Exercise is positively one of the best treatments for ADD. It helps work off excess energy and aggression in a positive way, it allows for noise-reduction within the mind, it stimulates the hormonal and neurochemical system in a most therapeutic way, and it soothes and calms the body. When you add all that to the well-known health benefits of exercise, you can see how important exercise is. Make it something fun so you can stick with it over the long haul, i.e., the rest of your life. 

5 Responses to “ADHD Tip: Exercise vigorously and regularly.”

  1. SaltWoman says:

    I agree with this Tip 100%. It works for me and my children. I’ve recenty invested in Roller Skate just to mix things up abit. I know it may look a bit odd a Woman of 40 skating round the park. But hey, it makes me feel great!

  2. wboswell says:

    How often is considered “regular”? Every day? Every other day?

  3. calicalabria says:

    I agree as well, but how do I get started and STICK with it?
    This is the callenge…I know I am not alone in this. Help!

  4. kfairchild says:

    I’m thrilled that I’m following the posts about man boobs.

    Anyway, I did very well with my ADHD when I lifting heavy weights on my barbell. It feels great to add weight to the barbell and lift it. It’s not an activity that a lot of women do, but I don’t really like doing things everyone else does, anyway. I stopped when my brother unexpectedly died last year, but I plan on restarting right back up, 3 times a week, hopefully starting this week.

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