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Attention Surplus Individuals Need Not Apply!

Note from Ned

I have written about InventiveLabs in the past.  They have come up with a new program that I think is so exciting I am writing about them again.  The founders, Rick Fiery and Tom Bergeron (no, not that Tom Bergeron), whom I have come to know well, are exemplary people.  They really are in this to help the millions of young adults who are talented, but just don’t fit in traditional educational settings.

In fact, Rick and Tom are two of my Top-shelf, A-List, Prime Time, #1 heroes.  Like many people these days, I lament the culture of anger, selfishness, and fear that has grown up around us since 9/11, fifteen years ago today, as I write this note.  As a country, indeed a world, we need so desperately to connect with each other, to regain trust, to reach out and work together creatively to make the changes that will save a world that urgently needs saving.  That’s exactly what Rick and Tom are doing.  Their start-up, InventiveLabs, epitomizes the best of what free enterprise can do in the hands of ingenious, committed people who are willing to make sacrifices and lay it all on the line.  Tom and Rick are not getting rich, they are trying to survive so that people who come to their amazing operation can thrive.  I urge you to go to their website, InventiveLabs.org, learn more, get inspired and get involved.

But first let me tell you more about the new opportunity from their little engine that could, their amazing outpost in an old warehouse building on the north shore of Massachusetts some 40 miles from Boston. It is a little slice of what the best of humanity has to offer. As I have said for years, the evidence is clear that many of the most accomplished people on the planet have become successful by learning to harness their ADHD superpowers. They have realized this through hard work, hyper-focus, and entrepreneurialism. In many cases they were able to derive their success by locking in on an idea and playing it out. Many of us have these great ideas, but we don’t know exactly where to start and how to bring the idea to fruition. Inventive Labs has created an amazing new alternative available for people with ADHD to help do just this!

Starting in January 2017, InventiveLabs has created a new-to-the-world Pitch Competition and Business Accelerator. The twist is only teams where someone has a documented learning difference, such as ADHD, are eligible to participate. In other words, attention-surplus teams need not apply! So far they have collected over $200,000 in prizes for the 8 teams that will compete in this inspiring event. Microsoft is one of their key sponsors so far and the outpouring of support for this event is accelerating. In addition to the prizes, angel investors will be at the event evaluating each idea for possible investment. For those that don’t know, angel investors tend to be high net-worth individuals that would like to invest in new startups. And guess what? Many of the investors that will be present have ADHD themselves – imagine that!

What is unique about this program is that Rick, Tom and their business mentors will work shoulder-to-shoulder with each team for 4 months helping them prep their idea for presentation to Investors. So if you have an idea, but don’t understand how to put together a business plan or investment pitch, these guys can help. They have a proven record of success over the last 2 years in doing just that for individuals with all types of learning differences. They will educate on aspects of what are called “lean startup principals” and get you to the finish line ready to shine in front of the pitch competition judges, investors and the world! And, if you have too many ideas, they can help with that too.

I can’t tell you how transformative this program is. Instead of requiring people to “fit in” to what society expects, it gives people that think and learn differently the opportunity to reshape society on their own terms. If you are pursuing your own idea, your own dream, in your own company, then you get to make the rules. And InventiveLabs is leading the way in demonstrating to the world the innate superpowers we all possess. For those where college is not the answer or they are stuck in a job that does not play to their strengths, I think this will finally provide a pathway to truly have that chance to change the world.

I urge you to visit the InventiveLabs.org website to learn more and contact them. If you work at a company that could possibly support this amazing cause, please put them in touch with Tom or Rick. The bigger the prize pool, the better for everyone. And if you have an idea, or ideas that you would like to pursue in a supportive environment designed for the ADHD mind, this could be your answer.

People try to sell us on things all the time, every day.  Believe me, InventiveLabs is one idea eminently worth buying into, and Rick and Tom are two men who are doing everything they can to make this world a better place, especially for the deserving people who have trouble getting started.  I hope you will spread the word and support this great organization.  Please go to InventiveLabs.org now.

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