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Dr. Hallowell's Blog

September 28th, 2015

Master the Power of ADHD, Oct 14, Seattle, WA

Dr. Hallowell in Seattle, WA Oct 14, 2015, Master the Power of ADHD

Dr. Hallowell will be presenting on October 14, 7-9pm at The ParentMap Resource Fair – Master the Power of ADHD
10/14, 7 – 9 p.m Dr. Hallowell’s Presentation: Exploring Your Atypical Learner

Learn more at the Hallowell Todaro Center, Seattle, WA

University of Washington Husky Union Building (Seattle)
Resource Fair 5 – 7 p.m.
Lecture 7 – 9 p.m.
$25 presale, $30 at the door
0915_Hallowell flyer (2)

September 28th, 2015

Mindfulness Techniques for Adult ADHD

Starting Tomorrow – September 29th

Mindfulness Techniques for Adult ADHD
Sept 29 to Nov 17, 6:30-8:00pm –

NYC Hallowell Center – If stress is producing chaos in your life, your household and your work environment, it is time to learn to manage it effectively. This is particularly important if you have ADHD, as impulsivity, distractibility and restlessness or hyperactivity are symptoms you must manage daily. This 8-week workshop introduces a variety of methods to reduce stress, increase focus and manage distractions. It utilizes a combination of mindfulness techniques, meditation, breath-work, movement and visualization. Expert presenter: Cheryl Jacobs. Learn more here.

September 23rd, 2015

Dr. Hallowell Featured on Kids in the House

Kids In The House resources are available to everyone for free. Online support, advice and tips for parents of all types of children.

“I think these are some of my best explanations on how to help your child with a myriad of issues!” – Dr. Hallowell. Watch videos at Kids in the House.


September 20th, 2015

Back To School Week for Parents September 21 – 25

I like to keep you informed when something special is going on that can really make a difference for your family, and this year my colleagues Elaine & Diane at ImpactADHD are really knocking themselves out for parents of kids with ADHD and other challenges. When you Register for Back to School SURVIVAL WEEK! for PARENTS, you’ll get a week of free support with gifts, trainings, tips, raffles and much more – all from two moms who have been there and know what parents really need to make this school year a success for the whole family.

Back to School Survival Week
Solutions and Strategies to Help YOU Survive This Year
What?: Back to School Survival Week – Register here
When?: September 21 to September 25, 2015
Where?: From the comfort of your own home!
Cost?: $0.00

September 15th, 2015

Dr. Hallowell: This is the One Key Element for Doing Well in Life

Watch this video to learn what Dr. Hallowell believes is the
ONE KEY ELEMENT to doing well in childhood – and life!

Screenshot 2015-09-15 11.04.40


September 14th, 2015

Mindfulness for ADHD

by Cheryl Jacobs

There are many tasks throughout the day that require our attention. Attending to them requires that we self-regulate and maintain focus, especially difficult with ADHD. Research shows that we all have a limited amount of self-regulation resources and with ADHD the supply is even smaller. I like to think of it as a reservoir that requires refilling throughout the day as we continuously drain our supply. When the reservoir is empty, we have difficulty focusing and coping; our will power is deleted. Mindfulness interventions can refill the reservoir. If we take mindful pauses during the day, we can keep the reservoir topped off. Again, a mindfulness practice teaches us the skills to recognize when the reservoir is in need of a refill.

As we practice mindfulness, we experience moments of peace and awareness. We come to know that quiet, calm space is always there and available to us. I like to compare it to an Eskimo who is asked to see himself relaxing under a palm tree sipping a pina colada. He can imagine it but he has not experienced it. We can ask someone to calm down and feel the peace but if they have never experienced it, it is just a picture. Through mindfulness, we actually have moments of calm and peace. Just knowing that it is always there, below the surface, allows us some relief. It also encourages us to continue the practice.

Mindfulness exercises allow you to observe that your mind is always having thoughts. We learn that we do not have to get caught up in each of them. I like to compare it to sitting by the highway and watching the cars go by. You can simply watch them passing by or you can get caught up with them For instance, “Oh, it’s a Jaguar, I always wanted one of those but I hear they’re always in the shop. Hmm.. There’s a Honda, that might be a good choice but I don’t like that color. What color should I get?” You get the idea. You can talk mindfully to your thoughts. “Thank you very much but right now I’m finishing this project; thank you very much but right now I’m in a meeting.” Recently, I had a client comment how amazing this exercise was for him. He said that he had never realized that he didn’t have to pay attention to each and every thought.

Mindfulness allows us to participate and be present in our lives. We learn to savor our experiences as we stop and bring awareness to the moment. I like to reference Carly Simon’s song Anticipation. There are potent words; “I’m going to stay right here ‘cause these are the good old days.” One day we will look back at a moment remembering what it was like but did we truly experience it at the time. It is important that we learn to check in using mindfulness techniques regularly throughout the day to be sure we are truly in the moment and present for the experience.

I especially remember a day this past winter. I went skiing with my son and my grandson for the first time. My grandson was 5 and really getting it was what I had heard. There were several times when I reminded myself to stop and soak in the experience. Not just the skiing, conditions and mountain but also the fact that I was one lucky lady to be here on this day with my son and his son.

As I mentioned earlier, mindfulness teaches us to be curious and kind to ourselves and others. A key to mindfulness is the development of a non-judgmental awareness. We develop the skill to become an impartial observer of our own thoughts. We learn to look for our wins; no matter how big or small. We begin to appreciate and accept ourselves wherever we are in our process.

We appreciate and become curious about the wonder that is us!!

And finally, once again, we learn that there is an internal environment that is calm and peaceful. A resource that is always there beneath the surface that we have experienced and can tap into. We begin to experience moments of clarity when the internal chatter quiets down.

I hope that this piques your interest. Know that your life can be an exciting and meaningful journey and that you can learn ways to be present for it, yourself and the people in it.

Mindfulness for Adult ADHD – 8 Week workshop begins September 29, 2015 at the Hallowell NYC Center.


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