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Dr. Hallowell's Blog

July 22nd, 2014

ADHD and Entrepreneurs

“You are very lucky,” I tell entrepreneurs. “You are blessed with an extraordinarily powerful mind. You have the equivalent of a Ferrari engine for a brain. That’s why you are a major winner in the making, a potential champion. But you must address one major problem. You have the brakes of a bicycle; you have difficulty controlling the power of your brain. Sometimes it runs away with you, so you may crash into walls or fail to slow down or stop when you should. This can cost you the race.” -  Dr. Hallowell

See more at Success.com.

July 19th, 2014

Dr. Hallowell on the Katie Couric Show July 21, 2014 on Adult ADHD

Meet adults with ADHD and learn tips and solutions for managing focus and tasks. Meet adults living with ADHD and hear how it affects their lives and their families. Get solutions on how to stay focused. Please post your thoughts and comments!

Learn More here.

July 18th, 2014

Free Audio Podcast on Emotional Regulation

Are you concerned about your student? Listen here to information on Emotional Regulation and Self Control Training.

Is your child not meeting their Full Potential?

Are the following some of your concerns:?
-    Low frustration tolerance
-    Low self-esteem
-    Feeling overwhelmed, even panic
-    Feeling anxious when peers are not
-    Confrontational and explosive
-    Trouble sleeping
-    Excessive worry
-    Test, public speaking or social anxieties
-    Difficulty implementing executive function strategies

Emotional Regulation and Self Control Training Helps!

Listen here to Rebecca Shafir, M.A., CCC explain how emotional regulation and self control training is important for making significant gains in executive functioning.

July 16th, 2014

Dr. Hallowell Comments on Possible Link between Food Dyes, Additives and ADHD

Both Parents Magazine and the Washington Post recently reported on the possible link between food dyes and ADHD.

Dr. Hallowell weighs in:

The debate goes on regarding not only dyes in food, but also the vast array of additives, preservatives, antibiotics, hormones, flavor enhancers, modified genes, and other human-made changes to the foods we eat.

My position is simple.  Eat whole foods. Only eat foods that have none of the “additions” listed above.  Whether or not dyes exacerbate ADHD, whether or not preservatives predispose to one disease or another, whether or not food allergies underlie Asperger’s or autism or anything else, it is best to follow this sane and simple advice: eat only what naturally grows in nature.

And take each case individually.  Be your own scientist.  If your child bounces off the wall after birthday cake and Coke, avoid birthday cake and Coke. If your child’s attention span shrinks after eating Fruit Loops, don’t eat Fruit Loops.  If your child can’t sleep after a meal of hot dogs and mac-n-cheese, don’t feed him hot dogs and mac-n-cheese, at least not those brands.

The entire debate regarding nutrition, supplements, additives, and their relation to ADHD and various other conditions will continue to work its way toward truth, but that goal is far away as yet.  However, ambiguous questions of causation aside, you can trust this simple axiom of mine: do whatever helps and avoid whatever doesn’t.  In the case of food, natural is best.  Modified, altered, engineered, processed, or colored is bad.  Simple.  True.  Leave the rest to the scientists to sort out.


July 14th, 2014

Dr. Hallowell Recommends InventiveLabs

InventiveLabs – Where ADHD is a Platform for Innovation

How wonderful it would be, I’ve often thought to myself, if someone would create a program for the young people who just can’t “do college,” and yet have bold ambitions and serious talents.

How wonderful it would be if someone would create a program where these creative, innovative, determined young people could get the guidance they need to start a business, write a book, build a boat, design an app, or pursue whatever their dream might be, without the constraints colleges and universities tend to impose.

How wonderful it would be, in short, for these “X-Men” and “X-Women” to find a place where they could learn how to use their special talents.

Well, InventiveLabs is that place and Rick Fiery and Tom Bergeron (no not that Tom Bergeron) are the amazing men who have founded this unique institution.

What follows below is the description they wrote of it, for the readers of this newsletter.  I am hoping that InventiveLabs will become one of the great breeding grounds for innovation and excellence in the world, a home at last for a special breed of creative person.

Thank you, Rick and Tom.

By the way, just to show you how much I believe in their mission, I have joined the Advisory Board of InventiveLabs, and one of my sons, an aspiring entrepreneur, is doing a summer internship with them.

Dr. Edward Hallowell

InventiveLabs – Where ADHD is a Platform for Innovation

InventiveLabs is a Boston-based organization, founded by serial entrepreneurs, that is planning to open this fall.  It is a place where bright young adults (Inventives), that have ADHD or Dyslexia can go to find their passion and turn their ability to hyper-focus, and be highly creative, into valuable business assets.  It is about adapting the workforce to these gifted people and not expecting them to conform to the typical workplace environment.  This new organization is currently recruiting for their first team of Inventives starting in late September/early October.

InventiveLabs is a multi-track research center that will allow investigations in Science, Engineering, Inventions, Fashion, Medicine, the Arts or wherever the Inventives take them. The environment will be fast-paced in a 24/7 facility with meals, recreation spaces and quiet areas for hyper-focused investigations. The Lab is planning to partner with community colleges for Inventives to earn college credit for their efforts and corporations to do joint-research.  The program for each Inventive will have an investment fee and will last for up to 2 years. They will also get a stipend to live away from home and establish themselves in the workforce and the community.

The goal is to get the Inventives to create, and follow through with their ideas, as a founding member of a business that spins-off from InventiveLabs.  Alternatively, the Inventives may secure employment at a larger organization or one of the incubator companies as a result of their work at the Lab.  Some may return to college after discovering their passion.

If you know of anybody who may be a candidate for this innovative program or if you have any questions, please contact the company at info@inventivelabs.org or visit their website at www.inventivelabs.org.

July 8th, 2014

Free Teleseminar – 5 Powerful Strategies to Escape the Overwhelm at Work, Home & School

FREE Teleseminar

5 Powerful Strategies to Escape the Overwhelm at Work, Home & School

Date: Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Time: 9:00 to 10:00 pm EDT

Instructor: Alan Brown

Register here.

Underachievement and overwhelm are probably the two words most associated with adult with ADD / ADHD and their jobs. The potential is there…the brains are there…the ideas and the will are there. But we often can’t get out of our own way, thanks to our ADD / ADHD. And as research sadly shows, we are likely to see slower advancement and lower lifetime earnings as a result.

In this presentation Alan will share a range of strategies that will help Adults with ADD / AHD Escape Overwhelm. This will be a uniquely engaging and original presentation, with none of the typical “Use color-coded folders!” tips. And as someone who has seen both sides of career fortunes – going from below-average career advancement despite hard work and long hours, to vice president and employee of the year at the nation’s largest ad agency, to co-founding and building a successful internet start up that was sold for over $10m – he can attest to the effectiveness of these strategies.

Listen over the telephone or internet!

*You will be able to listen to a free replay until 7/15/2014.

Sign up now at: http://www.profcs.com/app/?af=1298565


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