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Dr Hallowell ADHD and mental and cognitive health

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Dr. Hallowell's Blog

May 19th, 2015

Executive Function Interactive Workshop for Teachers

June 23, 30 and August 18, 9:00am-1:00pm. For special education and general education teachers at both the middle school and high school level. All adolescents need support to develop strong executive functions and to work independently, cope with personal and academic challenges in healthy ways, and work to their full potential. In this interactive workshop, teachers will create and share strategies to help students strengthen executive functions and improve their competency and contribution in class.

Topics covered will include:

  • Six key executive function skill sets for adolescents
  • The relationship between executive functions, mindfulness, and growth mindset
  • Key components of working memory and attention
  • Case studies of students with executive function challenges and interactive discussions to identify language and strategies to intervene
  • Register at HallowellNYC.com
May 15th, 2015

How to Talk About ADHD to Your Child, Your Family, and the World Webinar.

How to Talk About ADHD to Your Child, Your Family, and the World, free ADDitude webinar. Please join me on Tuesday, June 2, 2015, 1pm EST.

In this free webinar, Dr. Hallowell will discuss:
1. How to address common questions from ADHD-doubters
2. Ways to boost your child’s self-esteem when ADHD gets him down
3. Simple scripts for you (and your child) to use when friends, relatives, or teachers make hurtful comments about ADHD

Learn more and register at ADDitude magazine.

May 15th, 2015

Wanted: Children, Adolescents and Adults With ADHD Not on Medication for Compensated Study

Participate in a study using a novel attention and impulse control training videogame!

WHO: Children 8-12 years old with ADHD, not on medication.

WHAT: Play a game at home 3x per week for 8 weeks and give feedback to Atentiv personnel once per week via the telephone.

WHERE: In your own home!

We are looking for families with children 8-12 years old with ADHD to help us test this new product in the home. All participants who complete the 8 hours of training over 6-8 weeks will receive FREE the actual commercial Atentiv™ System when distribution begins in the fall of 2015! Retail price is expected to be $259.


WHO: Ages 13-80, not on ADHD medication

WHAT: Complete two 20 minute game sessions while we record your brain waves. Get paid $25 per recording or $50 for two recordings.

WHERE: Hallowell Center Sudbury, 142 North Road (Rte 117), Suite 2450, Sudbury, MA 01776

As part of our effort to develop and improve the Atentiv™ System, Atentiv is looking for adolescents and/or adults to do two 20 minute computer tasks while a professional records their EEG brain waves from their forehead with a simple and safe device. Participants will complete 2 recording sessions and will receive $25 for each successful recording. All data will be aggregated and used for mathematical averaging purposes. No subject data will be disclosed.

WHEN: We are enrolling now!

HOW: Call the Hallowell Center in Sudbury (978 287 0810) to see if you or your child meets the criteria and ask to participate in the Atentiv Home Study.

Atentiv develops digital learning systems designed to improve attention and impulse control skills. The learning system tool increasingly challenges the player to avoid distractions, sustain attention, complete tasks and promote correct actions or inactions. The Atentiv™ System operates as a highly adaptive, engaging virtual game on any tablet or computer. A simple headset is worn by the game player where brain activity on the forehead is captured, amplified and forwarded wirelessly to a computer. To date, multiple studies have been performed in clinical and school settings in Singapore and the U.S. Study results indicate that the Atentiv™ System leads to clinically significant and sustained improvements in attention and impulse inhibition in children with ADHD. Moreover, significant improvements were demonstrated in academic performance and home behavior after just 8 hours of training over 8 weeks. You may have heard of about the Atentiv™ System from Dr. Hallowell, who recently wrote about these results in ADDitude Magazine.



May 8th, 2015

Upgrade your Working Memory at Home this Summer!

Upgrade your Working Memory at home this summer! Working Memory, the ability to keep information in your mind for several seconds, manipulate it, and use it in your thinking is the engine of learning. Cogmed training is for children and adults who wish to improve their ability to:

  • Concentrate
  • Reduce impulsivity
  • Resist distraction
  • Gain a competitive academic and professional edge
  • Help stave off deteriorating effects of brain aging

Reading comprehension, problem solving, organization and mental math are just some of the working memory tasks we employ every day. Working memory weaknesses are common in persons with ADHD, executive dysfunction and head injury. However, Cogmed training can also benefit those without learning problems who seek an extra edge in optimizing their academic and professional potential. Researchers claim that intensive brain training can help stave off deteriorating effects of brain aging.

Cogmed training is backed by solid research that no other brain training product can match. An outstanding track record of strong and lasting effects in our thousands of trainees in America and around the world show that Cogmed training makes a real difference in people’s lives (see www.cogmed.com). Cogmed training is done at the user’s home. Weekly or as needed coaching sessions by Rebecca Shafir M.A.CCC, speech pathologist and former Cogmed coach trainer, are provided by phone or Skype. Contact Rebecca Shafir at 978 287 0810 or 978 255 1817 if you would like to learn more about Cogmed Working Memory Training for you or your child.


May 6th, 2015

Dr. Hallowell ADHD Summer Camp


In this note I want to tell you all about the summer camp I run with Rob Himburg for children who have ADHD and their parents.

This year, the camp runs from July 12 (Sunday) until July 17 (Friday).  The location is Glen Arbor, Michigan, which is on the shores of Lake Michigan.  We are hosting it this year at the Homestead Resort, which is a family-friendly, world famous destination.

This camp is unique in that I meet with parents each morning from 9 until noon while Rob takes the kids and does an activity with them that is designed to be 1) fun and 2) helpful in developing executive function skills needed to deal with ADHD as well as to understand the gifts inherent in ADHD.

Most kids who attend are between the ages of 8 and 16, although younger and older have attended and benefitted enormously.  Rob is a master at creating a harmonious group with children of widely disparate ages.

The great emphasis of the experience–both for the parents and well as the kids–is on identifying and promoting the strengths associated with ADHD.  Rob and I remove shame and blame and replace those feelings with pride and joy.  We achieve this by combining practical knowledge with coaching and encouragement.

Having done this for 8 years now, we have a great deal of experience in packing  maximum value into 5 short days.

Almost everyone who attends the camp–parents and students alike–comes away amazed at how valuable the experience was, how enriching, exciting, practically useful, emotionally uplifting, and yes, fun.

Rob is a master teacher, and I am a doctor who not only has ADHD and dyslexia himself but has been treating it, in my practice as a child psychiatrist, for over 30 years.  We combine our wealth of knowledge with our fervent desire to celebrate what ADHD can be when managed properly.
If you are interested in learning more or registering for this summer’s session, just go to hallowellsummercamp.com.  All the information you need is there, as well as a phone number to call if you’d like to discuss with Rob whether your child is a good fit.  And if you’d like to contact me, just email me.

I hope to see you this summer on the beautiful shores of Lake Michigan!

May 5th, 2015

Dr. Hallowell Named Top 2015 ADHD Blog

D2015TopBlogr. Edward Hallowell is an author, psychiatrist, speaker, expert on ADHD, and blogger. He has experience working with both children and adults and has a wealth of knowledge to share with his readers. He’s also highly sought after by television and radio shows for his expertise.

Check in to Hallowell’s blog for nearly daily updates with information about ADHD, tips for living a happier life, and notices about upcoming events related to ADHD. There are also guest posts by noted experts.

Find out more at Healthline.com.


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