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Busting ADHD Myth #9 – ADHD / ADD meds are dangerous

MYTH #9: ADHD / ADD medications are dangerous and addicting.

FACT:  While the medications used to treat ADHD, ADD can be dangerous and addictive, if they are used properly they can be totally safe and hugely helpful.  When they are used properly, and when they work, which is in 80% of people who have ADHD who try them, they are like eyeglasses for the mind: they produce mental focus.  And, when monitored properly, they cause no side effects, other than appetite suppression without unwanted weight loss.  Used properly, these medications are very safe and highly effective.  First used to treat what we now call ADHD in 1937 (most people have no idea these medications have been around that long), stimulant medication can turn a child’s or adult’s life completely around.  While medication should never be the only treatment (education, lifestyle modification, exercise, and coaching or tutoring should also be included), it can be an extremely helpful component of the treatment regimen.

Learn more about Stimulants and ADHD HERE.


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