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Busting ADHD Myths #6 ADHD = disruptive and hyperactive behavior!

MYTH #6  In order to have ADHD, you must be disruptive and hyperactive.

FACT: One of the most common misconceptions about ADHD is that it only occurs with hyperactivity. Many people believe that if the child is not “bouncing off the walls,” then he or she does not have ADHD. Of, if the adult is not a restless whirling dervish, then he or she cannot have ADHD. 

In fact, many people who have ADHD are not in the least hyperactive or disruptive.  Indeed, they are quiet and daydreamy, lost in their thoughts, following the charms of their inner, imaginative life.  Oftentimes female, these people are commonly not diagnosed with ADHD simply because they are not restless or disruptive.  In FACT, they have the subtype of ADHD called “primarily inattentive,” rather than the type that includes disruptive behavior, which is called “ADHD: Combined type” 

Usually in this type of ADHD, the core symptom is distractibility. It is a quiet phenomenon, their shifting of attention. It happens as silently, but as definitely, as a cut in a film sequence. Imaging, one moment you are in one place, and in the next moment you are somewhere else. You don’t really notice it. Rather you go along with it, as you go along with a cut in a movie. The narrative carries you, as you view your own internal story, your own internal screening of the days’ events.

When hyperactivity is not present, the diagnosis of ADHD is easy to miss. The individual appears to be one of the many people who “can’t get their act together.” You want to take them and say, “Shape up! Get with it! But if someone if the person’s life could stop to consider that the problem might be rooted in something more complex than laziness or general fecklessness, then a new light could sine on the situation, and perhaps, a better life could begin.

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