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Dr Hallowell ADHD and mental and cognitive health

A resource about ADD, ADHD, and mental health
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Contact Us

Looking for a referral to the Hallowell Centers?

For a referral to the Hallowell Center, New York City, please email HallowellReferralsNYC@gmail.com

For a referral to the Hallowell Center, Sudbury, please email HallowellReferralsSudbury@gmail.com

The Contact Info to the Hallowell Centers are:

Sudbury, MA (978) 287-0810

Hingham, MA (781) 749-9227

New York (212) 799-7777

San Francisco, CA (415) 967-0061

Seattle, WA (206) 420-7345

Do you want to book Dr Hallowell to speak at your event?  Please Email the The Guild Agency at info@theguildagency.com or call (646) 837-8808

Press Inquiries: Please contact:  Christina Veal, Director of Marketing at Christina@drhallowell.com or call (781) 405-2601.

Please note that Dr. Hallowell is unable to respond to personal requests. Thank you for understanding.