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Diet Strategies Improve Mood and Focus

Eat. Regularly. 3-4 times a day.  Healthy food.
You’ve heard it before, right?
Do you DO it?

I’ve been a proponent of eating whole foods since before most people knew they weren’t eating them.  Despite the availability of information about healthy eating and the readily available healthier options in the fast food markets, I find that asking my clients about their eating habits still makes a big difference.

For example, one of my clients who was having a very difficult time at work for several weeks, came to one of my groups SMILING,  happy and in a great mood. When I asked him what the difference was, he said, “I saw Dr. Hallowell on Dr. Oz last week.  He mentioned the importance of eating breakfast with protein in it for anyone who had problems with focus.  I realized I hadn’t been eating anything at all except coffee until late in the day.  I started eating breakfast and I feel SO much better.  I have much less anxiety.”

One of my colleagues, an executive coach, asks the executives in every meeting if they are sleeping, eating, and exercising.  “It makes all the difference in their focus and mood,” he says.

I’m a personal and professional coach with expertise in helping people change their behavior, however, I refer to nutritionists when a client has medical issues, has specific nutritional and health needs, or is struggling with weight loss.

If you fall into the category of people who know what dietary changes they should be making but are not doing them…. yet, then here is your assignment this week:

Plan to eat 3-4 meals a day and see how it affects your energy and mood.  If you need something small and specific to focus on choose one of these options:

  • If you don’t eat breakfast – start eating it every day and include whole grains, lean protein, and fruit if you can.
  • If you eat 1-2 big meals a day – break your meals into 3-4 smaller ones.
  • If your food choices aren’t the healthiest – include whole grains, lean protein, produce, and healthy fats at each meal.

Bon appetite!

Sarah Reiff-Hekking, Ph.D. is a personal and professional coach who specializes in working with smart creative adults, entrepreneurs, and adults with ADHD. She offers private and group coaching services in person and over the telephone.  You can schedule a coaching inquiry with her free of charge by calling 978.287.0810.  She can be reach at sarah@truefocuscoaching.com

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