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Dr. Hallowell's Blog

Do You Like to Listen to Music While You Work?

Dear Friends,

As you know, from time to time I  announce my discovery of a new technology or bit of knowledge that I believe could be of use to you.

It is with excitement and joy that I share with you now a website that has music scientifically designed to promote mental acuity and focus called focus@will.

Designed by a British rock musician turned scientist of sound by the name of Will Henshall, focusatwill (get it? focus @ Will?) provides an array of musical tracks you can listen to on your headphones while you work on your laptop or do whatever else you might want to do that requires you to focus.

Two testimonials: One of my patients, a 15 year old boy who’s been having the devil of a time writing papers, sat down with focusatwill in his headphones and knocked out THREE papers in two hours.

Second: I tried it. Amazing! I am listening to focusatwill music as I write this note to you. I will listen to it while I write my next book. It really works.

The music is engineered to take out the parts that are usually of interest to your conscious mind, so that what you hear is unique music that engages the part of your brain that otherwise would be distracting you. So simple. But also highly scientific. Henshall and his team have tested this down to the minutest levels of sound. They know how to help brain focus even when it doesn’t really want to!

Full disclosure: I like this program so much that I am now a paid consultant. Believe me, I am not getting rich doing it, but I always want my readers to know when I have a financial stake in some product.

This product is the real deal. It works. And it costs very little.  You can get a FREE trial by clicking here!


Ned Hallowell

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