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Dr. Hallowell's Blog

Dr. Hallowell: Our Hearts are Heavy in Boston

“Regarding the recent senseless and horrific tragedy…”  How many times have we read those words since Columbine?  Columbine wasn’t the first, of course, but it did seem to mark the beginning of a string of terrors the like of which our world was not accustomed to before then but, sadly, has become all too accustomed to since.

How do we make sense of the latest terrible event, the one in my home state, in Boston, on the day of one of our most cherished, joyful, and glorious holidays?  And the running of our most celebrated athletic event, the Boston Marathon?

Not knowing who committed the terrible act, or why, I am unable to make sense of any sort out of what little I know.  I am, however, able to feel an avalanche of emotion, as I’m sure most everybody is.  I feel anger, sorrow, fear, and bewilderment.  I feel deep frustration that this kind of terror keeps on happening, like a dread drumbeat while the world lurches toward chaos and confusion.

But then I say to myself, “No.  I will not give in.  We will not give in.  As long as we live, we will stand together and oppose with all our might the forces of evil that would bring us down.”

We will do what we’ve been doing.  We will persevere.  We will band together and work to make our worlds safe, our towns, our communities, our schools, our everywhere’s.  We will band together in love and determination to protect each other and our ways of life.

We will not give in to evil.  We will always and everywhere stand for what’s good and strong and positive and we will shut down the forces of ruin whenever they rise up.  We will take the side of love against the side of hatred, we will take the side of courage against the side of cowardice, we will take the side of honor against the side of shame, we will take the side of hope against the side of despair, and we will shine light, for as long as we are able, into the Pit, into the darkness, into the gloom.

We, all of us, look to each other now in strength and hope and faith and good will.  We will prevail.  Together.  We already have, and we always will.

Evil is its own punishment, and love its own reward.  Let us reward each other every day and rest secure in the goodness that surrounds us always.

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