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Dr Hallowell ADHD and mental and cognitive health

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Dr. Hallowell's Blog

Dr. Hallowell’s Response to the CT Tragedy

I learned about this tragedy while standing in line at a juice bar.  The news was spreading from cell to cell, as jaws dropped all around me and people went pale.  What to say?  How to respond?  This quickly becomes a trauma, not only for the Connecticut community where it happened but for the country and the world.  How do we humans explain this to ourselves and to our children?  Gradually, facts will come out, theories will evolve, some perspective will emerge.  But, at core, we still will feel what we all felt when I was standing in line: shock, amazement, horror, and incomprehension.  We will invoke a word like “crazy” to explain what we can’t explain. I would urge us all to remind one another that while these random acts of terror and destruction do occur and will occur, they must not destroy our belief in one another.  Indeed, they prove how much we need each other, more than ever, how much we need each other to be there for us all, we need each other to group together and in our world wide community stand together as solid proof that sanity will prevail, love will prevail, and community will save us from the chaos tragedies like the one that happened in Connecticut seem to portend.  Now it is time to band together.  Now it is time to tell our children they are safe, because they are.  Now is not the time to hold back on life out of fear, but to step up and, together, boldly press on.  Together, we will prevail now, as we always have. – Dr. Edward Hallowell

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