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Are You Living a Crazy Busy Life?

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Crazy BusyIf you’re busy doing what matters to you, then being busy is bliss. You’ve found a rhythm for your life that works for you. This world is bursting with possibilities; its energy can be contagious. If you catch the bug, you want to jump out of bed each day and get busy, not because you are run ragged by details or because you are keeping the wolf from your door, but because you are in love with this fast life. At its best, modern life dazzles us, giving us a chance to get more done in a minute than used to get done in a month.

In order to make this crazy world work for you and not against you, you must decide what matters to you most and focus your attention on that. In days gone by, this was not nearly as difficult as it is today. That’s because the selection was not nearly as broad, and the thieves of time, attention, and mental energy were not nearly as common or as clever as they are today.  READ MORE…

CrazyBusy: 10 Key Principles to Focus in a World of Distraction

Modern life has gone wild. The rush, the gush and forces of gemmelsmerch can overpower you.  The average person handles more data points in one day than he or she handled in a month just a decade ago.  E-Mail, Texting, Facebook, I-phones and the like 24/7 have created exciting opportunities, but they have also created unique and potentially catastrophic problems never before seen in human history.  If you’re not careful, you will get so busy that you will never stop and think at work or home.    

ADHD expert and New York Times best-selling author, Dr. Edward M. Hallowell offers the following 10 principles to managing your time, attention and energy in this Crazybusy world.

  1. Do what matters most to you (the most common casualty of an excessively busy life):  Don’t spread yourself or your children too thin – you must choose, you must prioritize.  In order to both do well and to be happy, you must say, “No thank you,” to many projects, people and ideas.  “Cultivate your lilies and get rid of your leeches.”  Get more tips HERE!

RESOURCES to manage your CrazyBusy Life:

Learn more tips in: CrazyBusy: overstretched, overbooked, and about to snap! : strategies for handling your fast-paced life.

FREE Download CrazyBusy Tips for iPhoneCrazy Busy APP

Dr. Hallowell’s CrazyBusy Tips guides users to highlight areas in their lives that feel out of balance, analyzes and then summarizes these responses into red, yellow, and green categories, depending on the return on time invested and worth-it scores. The app offers customized and specific suggestions based on the analysis, focus-building games, and helpful tools including a stopwatch, gratitude tracker, to-do list, and an introduction to meditation.  Let Dr. Hallowell help you manage your CrazyBusy life!

Crazybusy Online Video Seminar

Too much to do? Too little time? Learn strategies on how to reclaim control of your schedule and productivity in this this online video course featuring Dr. Hallowell produced by Gazelle’s Growth Institute.

Taming Technology

Rebecca Shafir, M.A.CCC of The Hallowell Center, Boston MetroWest interviews renowned developmental psychologist Dr. Saul Rosenthal on the challenges and dangers of technology. Both Ms. Shafir and Dr. Rosenthal have extensive experience helping clients balance technology usage and offer suggestions to curb its over- and mis-use so that it becomes the helpful productivity tool it was intended to be.

Listen to the recording.

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Let Dr. Hallowell help you manage your CrazyBusy life. Download for FREE his CrazyBusy Tips APP for iPhone.

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