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Dr. Hallowell's Blog

Getting Stuck After an Initial Burst of Improvement in Your ADHD ADD Treatment?

The initial burst may be followed by long, frustrating periods during which the person with ADHD—or the entire family—feels stuck, as if they are simply spinning their wheels instead of making the kind of progress they should be making. I call these periods of being stuck “spinning,” based on an acronym, S.P.I.N. The term sums up the usual causes of getting stuck:
“S” stands for Shame.
“P” stands for Pessimism and Negativity.
“I” stands for Isolation.
“N” stands for No Creative, Productive Outlet.
Getting un-stuck often depends on reversing the influence of some or all of the components of SPIN. Let me offer some suggestions on each element of SPIN and help you get un-stuck @ http://www.drhallowell.com/avoid-the-s-p-i-n-cycle-of-adhd/

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