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Dr. Hallowell's Blog

How to Finish What You Start

DrivenWorkslide_jacketAre you an idea hopper? Great at generating ideas, but not so great at bringing them to life? What to do about it?

Dr. Hallowell offers advice on how to put your ideas into action in his Distraction Podcast #17. He also offers the following:

10 Tips for Idea Hoppers from his book, Driven to Distraction at Work, so you finish what you start:

  1. Review the basic plan: energy, emotion, engagement, structure, control. Consider what you need more of. For most people, who idea hop,the problem lies in element four: structure.
  2. Write down your ideas. Then peruse the list to see where your brain lights up most brightly. If you can’t decide, pick no more than 3 items.
  3. Next, set up a structure – a game plan – to help you first decide and then implement.
  4. While doing this, write down the various people who might be able to help you follow through. This kind of problem responds best to a team effort.
  5. Consider hiring a coach.
  6. Reflect, with someone who knows you well and likes you, on what emotional obstacles or hot buttons might be getting in your way.
  7. Stay in the game. Use your power. Don’t pull back out of a fear of winning, of hurting the opposition. Many people so fear their own power that they pull back rather than use it in full force.
  8. Don’t fall into the trap of selling yourself short. Most people possess more power than they use or give themselves credit for.  Feeling inadequate is often just a feeling, not a fact. Side with the part of you that feels you can succeed. Gradually, that part of you will grow.
  9. The old saying is correct: Whether you think you can or you think you can’t you’re right. 
  10. Celebrate your gift: you have many ideas. Just team up with the right people – usually people who do not have many ideas but are good at implementing others’ – to see your ideas turn into realities.

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