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How to give yourself the gift of SLEEP!

Have you ever found yourself falling asleep at your desk? If so, you’re not alone. Millions of people operate on too little sleep, and they hurt themselves in big and small ways as a result. Sleeplessness contributes to high blood pressure, weight gain, depressed immune function, and an increased risk of catching colds and flue. It is also well known that lack of sleep leads to irritability, trouble concentrating and lapses in memory.

The amount of sleep you need varies from person to person. In Dr. Hallowell’s Distraction Podcast S2 Mini #13, he outlines how to determine how much sleep you need and offers tips for getting a good nights rest.

  • Set a regular bedtime
  • Take a nap or meditate
  • Don’t engage in heavy exercise before sleep

Listen here for more tips and give yourself the gift of sleep!

One Response to “How to give yourself the gift of SLEEP!”

  1. TheADHDGuy1 says:

    I tend to have a mid-afternoon slump at around 2:30pm. I wish I could alwasy take a nap but my work schedule won’t alwasy permit it!

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