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Dr. Hallowell's Blog

Listen to Dr. Hallowell on ADHD Coaching and 20 Years of Driven to Distraction

Dr. Hallowell and David Giwerc (addca.com) discuss the value of coaching for people with ADHD and how it has blossomed into a very sophisticated discipline on Attention Talk Radio. Finding the positive attributes in ADHD is important to move forward.

Dr. Hallowell explains that he invented coaching for ADHD. He found that coaching was more valuable than what a doctor could offer. When we are children, we often look to our parents. Coaching is good for adults because it is not often advisable to look to our spouses.

Coaching schools now provide a credentialing body and those with ADHD, and even those without, can tap into this valuable resource.

ADHD and dyslexia are an amalgam, an “alloy” of positive and negatives. Dr. Barkley has spent his career showing how crippling ADHD can be. I have devoted my career to showing how positive it can be. To call ADHD simply a disorder, disregards the positive,” says Dr. Hallowell.

“I would get help from other people, and I have learned how to extract the good parts of ADHD and dyslexia. It is through connection and effective cooperation that we have learned how to survive,” says Dr. Hallowell.

“Years ago, you would never see a coach presenting with a doctor,” says Mr. Giwerc. ADHD coaching is about igniting the brain as to what are your strengths and gifts. The ADHD brain is attracted to negative emotions and the ADHD brain has to work that much harder to find the positive. “We need to be a warrior against the negatives,” says Mr. Giwerc.

The show has been archived and is available for listening or downloading on the studio page at www.attentiontalkradio.com, www.facebook.com/attentiontalkradio, and on iTunes.

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