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Make Your Environment a Partner in Your Success

Make your environment a partner in your success.  I’ve heard so much lately about using your mindset to improve your performance.  And don’t get me wrong, there is no denying that there is a “head game” important in “living the good” life and moving ourselves forward toward whatever transformation or goal you are pursuing.  What goes on in your head absolutely affects how you act and behave.  It affects your moods. It affects your path in daily life.  It affects how you interact with others.  It affects your ability to fight off difficulties on your path to success.  There is a lot of science behind “the head game” which can make changes in your thinking and affect how you act and feel and ultimately the quality of your day to day life.

The thing that I think is often missing in the “change your mindset” conversation is that environment predicts a lot of our behavior too.  So what does that mean?  It means by changing our environment we can support other changes that we are trying to make and make the changes easier.  Often the stickiness of a particular change can be greatly improved by making sure that we set up the EXTERNAL environment to support the change in behavior and change in mindset that we are working on achieving.

One environmental change that I recently worked with a client on was setting up his computer to support working on productive work tasks without getting distracted by the internet.  The problem was that the computer was a trigger for using the internet….and once he got started there was no telling how long he’d be on it or what he’d end up doing.  My suggestion was to set up a computer that does NOT have access to the internet.  At first he didn’t think it was possible.  It took some discussion with me and some exploring on his part.  But he figured out how to do it.  He also got a new phone that DID NOT have access to the internet AND determined a place that he would go and work that did not have another way to get to the internet or be distracted.  He was aware that if there was any reminder that the internet was available he’d be pulled by that, interrupt his work, and be swept away.   Once he set up his environment to support his focus on important work and keep the distractions at bay, he was able to do what he knew he needed to do to succeed.

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