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Dr Hallowell ADHD and mental and cognitive health

A resource about ADD, ADHD, and mental health
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Meet Dr. Hallowell

dredwardhallowellEdward (Ned) Hallowell, M.D., a child and adult psychiatrist, is a NY Times bestselling author, world-renowned speaker and leading authority in the field of ADHD. He is a graduate of Harvard College and Tulane Medical School, and the founder of The Hallowell Centers in Sudbury, Massachusetts and New York City. He was a member of the Harvard Medical School faculty from 1983 until he retired from academics in 2004 to devote his full professional attention to his clinical practice, lectures, and the writing of books.  He has authored eighteen books on various psychological topics, including attention deficit disorder, the power of the human connection, the childhood roots of happiness in life, methods of forgiving others, dealing with worry and managing excessive busyness.

Dr. Hallowell is a highly recognized speaker around the world and has presented to thousands on topics such as ADDstrategies on handling your fast-paced life, the Childhood Roots of Adult Happiness and other pertinent family and health issues. He has been featured on 20/20, 60 Minutes, Oprah, PBS, CNN, The Today Show, Dateline, Good Morning America, The Jane Pauley Show, The View and many more. He has been interviewed for The New York Times, USA Today, Newsweek, Time Magazine, U.S. News and World Report, USA Weekend, the Los Angeles Times, the Boston Globe and many, many more.   He is a regular columnist for ADDitude Magazine.

Dr. Hallowell’s newest book, SHINE: Using Brain Science to Bring out the Best in Your People was published by Harvard Business School Press in January 2011.

In Dr. Hallowell’s book MARRIED TO DISTRACTION: Restoring Intimacy and Strengthening Your Marriage in an Age of Interruption, he teams up with his wife, Sue George Hallowell, a couples’ therapist, to explain the subtle but dangerous toll today’s overstretched, under nurtured lifestyle takes on our most intimate relationship. The good news is that there are straightforward and effective ways to maneuver your marriage out of the destructive roadblocks created by the avalanche of busy living.

Dr. Hallowell’s book with Dr. Peter Jensen, SUPERPARENTING FOR ADD: An Innovative Approach to Raising Your Distracted Child, explains how easily the gifts of this condition are lost on a child amid negative comments from doctors, teachers, and even loving but frustrated parents. He has long argued that ADD is too often misunderstood, mistreated, and mislabeled as a “disability.” Both Drs. Hallowell and Jensen recognize the real and everyday challenges at home and at school facing parents of an ADD child. Their book shows you how to unwrap the wonderful, surprising gifts of ADD and turn what is too often labeled a lifelong disability into a lifelong blessing.

Dr. Hallowell observes that people who do not have ADHD still often show many of its symptoms due to lives that are so busy that they overload their brains. He has explored this phenomenon as it affects business in an article published in The Harvard Business Review entitled, Overloaded Circuits: Why Smart People Underperform. These same focus, attention and brain management issues are the topic of his wider-ranging book, CrazyBusy: Overbooked, Overstretched, and about to Snap. In it he explores how the pace of modern life has induced brain overload to the point where our entire society is suffering from culturally-induced ADD. This state of constant frenzy saps us of our creativity, humanity, mental well-being and the ability to focus on what truly matters. “CrazyBusy” then provides a step-by-step approach to unsnarling busy lives and moving to a calmer, more fulfilling life that is focused on our own priorities.

In 1994 Dr. Hallowell and Dr. John Ratey introduced the public to ADHD when they co-authored the New York Times best seller Driven to Distraction (Pantheon) and the accompanying Answers to Distraction (Pantheon, 1995). “Driven” has sold more than a million copies and is considered a “must read” for those interested in finding out about life with ADHD. The two authors published an ADHD update, Delivered From Distraction(Ballantine) in 2005 that spends more time on adults with ADHD and provides timely information on both medicinal and non-medicinal treatments. Dr. Hallowell posits that ADHD is “a gift that is hard to unwrap” rather than a disorder, and his positive approach has helped millions see the good side of ADHD.

Strong parenting is also a theme about which Dr. Hallowell is passionate. He speaks frequently on the topic and his book, The Childhood Roots of Adult Happiness: Five Steps to help Kids Create and Sustain Lifelong Joy (Ballantine, 2002), provides parents with concrete detail about how to create the kind of a childhood that will most likely lead to a happy and satisfying adulthood. The book is based on extensive research and empirical data, but it is written in a conversational, anecdotal tone. The book is a warm and lively celebration of childhood, as well as a guide to creating the kind of childhood that children really need. Other writing on parenting includes When You Worry About The Child You Love,(Simon & Schuster, 1996) and Finding the Heart of the Child (National Association of Independent Schools, 1997 with Michael Thompson, Ph.D.) As a fun way to help adults and kids talk about how every person is different, Dr. Hallowell published his first children’s book in 2004, A Walk in the Rain with a Brain (Regan Books/Harper Collins). It conveys the message, “No brain is the same. No brain is the best. Each brain finds its own special way.”

In his medical practice, Dr. Hallowell helps adults, as well as children, learn how to lead healthy, happy lives. He agrees with the research that suggests that connection and forgiveness have great power to shape our lives for the positive. Connect: 12 Vital Ties that Open Your Heart, Lengthen Your Life and Deepen Your Soul (Pantheon, 1999 and Pocket, 2000), focuses on the power of the various connections people make in life. The 12 different kinds of connection that Dr. Hallowell outlines in this book provide a roadmap to a satisfying and healthy life. Dr. Hallowell continues the theme of connection by exploring it in the business world inThe Human Moment at Work, which was published in The Harvard Business Review in 1999 and in Human Moments: How to Find Meaning and Love in Your Everyday Life (Health Communications, 2001).

Dare to Forgive, (Health Communications, 2004), shows that the ability to forgive is a strength that it is essential to a person’s well being. The book explains why forgiveness is one of the best things you can do to heal your body and mind. It also offers a practical, four part plan for learning the art of forgiveness.

Finally, Worry: Hope and Help for a Common Problem, (Pantheon,1997 and Ballantine,1999), looks at worry in both its constructive and destructive forms. Like many of Dr. Hallowell’s books, it gives practical advice about improving your life – in this case about how to control toxic worry. From the underachiever who can’t get going because of his worrying, to the person who fears speaking in public, to the many people who have undiagnosed anxiety disorders, many find this book a godsend. It describes the host of different patterns destructive worry can take and also what a person can do to help turn chronic worry into a positive force in your life.

Dr. Hallowell lives in the Boston area with his wife, Sue, a social worker, and their three children, Lucy, Jack and Tucker. His greatest love is spending time with them, doing whatever they want to do. Each year the family spends one month at the aptly-named Lake Doolittle, where they connect and slow down.