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Mothers Wonder About Alternative ADHD Treatment

Researchers of Mom Central Consulting, sponsored by Noven Therapeutics, found that mothers of children taking prescription medication for ADHD feel empowered to manage their child’s treatment and see improvements in their child’s behavior at home and at school, however, challenges managing ADHD symptoms and knowledge gaps related to treatment options remain.

The results are as follows:
•    93% of mothers feel like they are doing the right thing for their child since he/she began ADHD prescription medication treatment.
•    About half of the mothers surveyed have experienced difficulty maintaining their child’s treatment schedule and adjusting between school days, weekends and holidays.
•    59% of mothers are still uncertain about using medication and 85% are worried about long-term medication effects.
•    47% say that at times they had not felt fully informed about all available treatment options.
Parents are often surprised to know that there are other options for treatment besides medication. Unfortunately, most pediatricians and psychiatrists are unfamiliar with complementary approaches. The Hallowell Center child psychiatrists are well versed in the safety and effectiveness of optional interventions like biofeedback and neurofeedback. These methods can often be administered alone or with other assistive approaches like Cogmed Working Memory Training and executive function training.

For more information on Alternative/Complementary approaches, visit drhallowellsudbury.com, or contact Rebecca Shafir M.A.CCC at 978 287 0810 x117, rebeccashafir@att.net for a free inquiry call to learn about these services.

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