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Need a New Perspective? Sit in a Different Chair

Try it some time.  Sit in a different chair than the one you usually sit it.  I did this the other day in my living room.  Instead of my usual tried and true spot on the couch, I sat in the chair in the corner.   And I saw a whole different view…  I sat there and looked around and I saw views of my furniture, and my stuff, and the yard beyond the window… that I don’t think I’ve ever truly seen before. The stunning thing was that I had a renewed appreciation for everything.  It all looked fresh and different.  Not perfect.  Not some TV produced and manufactured version of what life is “like” or supposed to be…but a new view of the real thing.  Scratches and left over pieces of adhesive from long-gone baby proofing on the coffee table.  Books on the bookshelf that had long ago been read, stowed, and moved beyond.  Sunshine through the front windows with a view of the wetlands across the road with geese almost hidden among the trees.

It got me thinking….what would happen if we all sat in a different chair once a week.  Just sat….and looked….and noticed….and appreciated….What would happen?

So I invite you…sit in a difference chair and notice and appreciate. What do you see?


Be well,



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