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Dr. Hallowell's Blog

October is ADHD Month

ADHD can lead a person to either great success or terrible disappointment.  Indeed, a person can lurch from triumph to disaster and back to triumph again.

People with ADHD rarely give up, which is one of the many reason I love them so much.

It wasn’t so long ago that people laughed at ADHD as if it were a moral failing, not a legitimate medical condition, much as people used to trivialize depression or anxiety.

Now, thanks to major advances in neuroscience, epidemiology, cognitive psychology, and various related fields we have a sophisticated understanding of ADHD.  But the public, and much of the medical profession, does not understand ADHD.

Many of us experts in the ADHD field are working tirelessly to eliminate the stigma and ignorance shrouding this condition. Stigma is one of the greatest obstacles to people getting the help they need.  No one wants to be called disabled or disordered.

I see all my patients as champions in the making. Hope leads to far better outcomes than despair.

I am thrilled to join with CHADD, ADDA, ADDClasses and more to educate and instill hope, hope rooted in science and true-life experience, that will lead to the best outcomes possible for a brave and resilient group of people subsumed by the cumbersome and confusing term, ADHD.

The key to maximizing the chances of the best outcomes is to get skilled treatment. 

Working together, we can help everyone become the best they can be, whatever obstacles they may face, whatever conditions they contend with. Our greatest power as people lies in connection, in working together.

Working together, we will progress, we will prevail.  And we will feel joy in doing so.

Warm wishes,

Edward Hallowell, M.D.


Child and adult psychiatrist, NY Times bestselling author, international speaker, leading authority in the field of ADHD and the founder of The Hallowell Centers.


Here are some additional resources from the NRC and a PDF download from Dr. Hallowell:

Finally, for information on other topics visit our website www.drhallowell.com and www.chadd.org/nrc  and if you you have any questions our health information specialists would be happy to assist. 

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