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Dr Hallowell ADHD and mental and cognitive health

A resource about ADD, ADHD, and mental health
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In this presentation, Dr. Edward M. Hallowell, practicing child and adult psychiatrist, founder of the Hallowell Center, and former instructor at Harvard Medical School, offers a basic introduction to the world of attention deficit disorder, including diagnosis and treatment in both children and adults. Dr. Hallowell discusses the human experience of ADD (ADHD), the impact of ADD on the family and the various treatments available; as well as the directions of current research. His goal is to help people master the power of ADD while avoiding its pitfalls. His message will be all encompassing as he talks about what it is like to have ADD, explains some of the brain science behind it and how it has implications for how people learn.

Dr. Hallowell will reveal the positive side of ADHD.  Many ADD providers and schools pathologize ADD, yet Dr. Hallowell approaches ADD as a gift that is often difficult to unwrap rather than a disorder.  One of the most common causes of frustration, underachievement, and unhappiness in adulthood are bad experiences in childhood due to a lack of understanding of what kind of mind the child has and how to manage it best. Amazingly enough, most parents and teachers never explicitly define what kind of mind the child has, or how to manage it. If a child had trouble learning, he was “diagnosed” as stupid.  If a child had a behavior problem, he was “diagnosed” as bad.  If a child had an emotional problem like anxiety or depression, he was “diagnosed” as weak.  For centuries, the basic treatment prescribed for all problems related to learning, behavior, and emotion was: TRY HARDER. We now recognize that problems related to learning, emotion, and behavior derive from causes far more complicated than the difference between smart and stupid, or strong and weak, or good and bad.  We also have developed ways of dealing with these problems that are far more effective than the time-honored “treatments:” shame, pain, and humiliation. Dr. Hallowell will show you how to find the buried treasures in ADD and approach ADD as a gift that is often difficult to unwrap by:

  • promoting strengths: a systematic approach
  • Avoiding the traps of:  SPIN and SLIDE:


S stands for Shame

P stands for pessimism and negativity

I stands for Isolation

N stands for no creative, productive outlet


S stands for self-attack

L stands for life-attack

I stands for imagining the worst

D stands for dread

E stands for escape

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