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THE HUMAN MOMENT (Business Audience)

THE HUMAN MOMENT (Business Audience)

 Note: This presentation, based on “The Human Moment at Work,” an article published in The Harvard Business Review (1/99), is designed/or the business audience.

In this presentation, Dr. Hallowell defines the powerful concept of the human moment and shows how vital it is to any deal, transaction, or entire organization. In its simplest terms, the human moment refers to any live, human interaction.  This is in contrast to a virtual or electronic moment in which the people involved are not physically present. While technology has given us the great blessings of voice mail, e-mail, teleconferencing, and other means of not-in-person communication, there remains a special place for the on-site meeting. If we are not careful, we will lose it altogether, because the off-site methods save so much time and money.

This presentation examines the dangers inherent in over-using virtual communication.  While acknowledging the obvious advantages of communicating in ways other than in person, Dr. Hallowell points out that an occasional human moment can solidify a relationship or clarify a transaction in ways nothing else can.  While it is not the most efficient, the human moment remains—by far—the most powerful tool of communication we have.

The point of this lecture is not to disparage e-mail — indeed, e-mail, voice mail and the like save us many billions of dollars and seconds each year—but to demonstrate how crucial it is to make a decision, consciously and carefully, as to which kind of communication suits each particular transaction you undertake. Most of the time, electronic moments do just fine.  By using voice mail or e-mail wisely you can save huge amounts of time, money, and energy.

However, sometimes you need to have a human moment to solve a problem or make the most out of a given opportunity.  A human moment conveys vastly more information than an electronic moment possibly can.  Body language, tone of voice, facial expression, timing of what is said, and all other kinds of non-verbal communication come across only in person.  Building on his article, “The Human Moment at Work,” which was published in the Harvard Business Review, Dr. Hallowell takes the audience through vivid case examples that demonstrate the power of the human moment, when to use and if and when it can be dispensed with.

Drawing upon his knowledge as a psychiatrist and his experience in consulting with corporate leaders, Dr. Hallowell is able to bridge the worlds of brain science, psychology, and business management.  His call to make use of the human moment wisely, and to tap into the power of emotionally rich connections, offers a strategic advantage to businesses and organizations of all kinds.

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