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THE MIND OF THE ENTREPRENEUR: Maximizing Productivity

Dr. Hallowell delved into his 30 years of working with entrepreneurs around the world, both as a consultant and as a psychiatrist, and developed a keen appreciation of how the magical mind of the entrepreneur operates.  In this presentation he shares what separates successful from frustrated entrepreneurs is their ability–or inability–to capitalize on their massive psychological strengths and minimize the carnage that can be done by their weaknesses.  The difference between success and frustration in these people is mental–but it is not I.Q. or being a whiz-kid.  The great entrepreneur learns how to harness and direct his mental power, while the frustrated entrepreneur spends his life trying to learn how.

Dr. Hallowell will review the 5 action steps an entrepreneur should take as follows:

1)  Read down the list of assets and vulnerabilities and star those that apply to you.

2)  Meet with a partner, friend, colleague, or hired consultant and brainstorm ways to add structures to your life to increase the power of your brakes.  Lists, schedules, detailed plans, priorities.  These matter!  Don’t blow this task off as being too pedestrian or boring.  Your success depends upon it.

3)  If this proves insufficient, consider working with a consultant over a protracted period of time.  The skills you need can be learned, but many of them go against your grain, which is why it is difficult successfully to coach yourself.

4)  Try to make sure you are spending the majority of your time at the intersection of three spheres: what you love to do, what you have a special skill at doing, and what advances the project or someone will pay you to do.  Delegate the rest if you possibly can.

5)  As you follow these steps you will gain a greater feeling of control.  Your mood will improve.  Emotion is key to peak performance.  Once you get in the right frame of mind and create the structures that allow you to compensate for your liabilities, you will increase your mental focus, thereby allowing you to maximize the benefits your enormous talent can generate.

Structure allows you to create an atmosphere not of frustration but of confidence, control, and positive emotion.  This, coupled with the entrepreneur’s innate drive, leads to focus, the magic wand of peak performance.


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