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Dr. Hallowell's Blog

The Art of Connection

As Dr. Hallowell sees it, America today is facing a crisis of disconnection. The speed of modern life, the demands of home and the workplace, and the impact of technology all have conspired to disconnect us from each other in subtle but destructive ways. People don’t know their neighbors; indeed, in many places, neighborhoods do not exist; people don’t make time for friendships; they even have trouble making time for family members. Everyone is working hard, but increasingly people are not making time for the connections that really matter.

That’s why Dr. Hallowell feels it’s important to put technology aside and get out and pursue real-live connections. So for today’s DISTRACTION episode, that’s just what he did. He took a field trip through the streets of New York City into Central Park looking to find smiles, make connections and engage with real people. He meets some interesting and fun people along the way as he shows all of us that it is possible to make connections wherever you go.  We invite you to join Dr. Hallowell and learn about “The Art of Connection” as he engages with the people he met.

Five suggestions for improving family and community connections here!

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