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Dr Hallowell ADHD and mental and cognitive health

A resource about ADD, ADHD, and mental health
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The Hallowell Centers

Neuropsychological Testing and Diagnosis

We offer a full testing and diagnosis cycle to understand all of the issues a patient may face. In the case of ADHD, more than half of patients also have co-existing learning disabilities or conditions that also need treatment for optimal results. We use multiple tests for diagnosis, and we also develop and review a full patient history, and interview both the patient and, when appropriate, his/her family.  This multiple-pronged approach provides a complete picture of a patient’s health. We also take patients who have already had an evaluation elsewhere, though we may request additional testing should it be necessary for a full evaluation.

Upon diagnosis, we talk with the patient (and, in the case of minors, the parent(s)) about what treatment options are available for his/her specific issues.  “Treatment” at the Hallowell Center may mean medication, or it may mean individual or family counseling, complementary therapies or any combination thereof.

Whichever the approach, we work with you and your family in a collaborative, supportive environment.

Individual and Group Therapy

Individual therapy can be arranged for short-duration topics, such as preparing for college or stressful life changes or for longer periods.

Cognitive and Medical Treatment for ADHD and its Co-Existing Conditions

Sorting through the maze of medical treatments that can aid patients with ADHD can be a complicated process.  Our physicians are experts at helping you find the right medication, should you choose to take one, and then monitoring your progress and growth.  In addition, we provide the counseling necessary to learn the skills and make the life changes so important to the success of those with ADHD.  Because every case of ADHD is unique, you’ll find our expertise both necessary and comforting.

Education and Counseling

Getting a thorough diagnosis is often a relief.  Finally, you have a name for that which has been bothering you!  But the diagnosis is only the beginning.  The next steps include education and, for many patients, counseling.  We will help you learn everything you need to know about your condition so that you can make informed and useful decisions with us about your treatment.  We also offer a wide variety of counseling services that will help you put your life back in order.  This includes teen counseling, marriage therapy, individual counseling, social skills and career counseling.

Academic Tutoring and Placement Specialists

Should you request an Individual Education Plan (IEP) or 504 plan assistance for your child?  What are the rules and regulations?  How do you help your child get the most out of school?  What colleges make sense for teens with ADHD or learning disabilities?  From putting you in touch with a good subject tutor to helping you navigate specific academic issues with your child or her school, our staff helps with educational issues related to learning disabilities and ADHD.

Communication Therapy

Communication therapy includes speech, language and voice therapy.  We also work with patients on interview and public speaking coaching.  Emphasis is placed on enhancing listening skills and verbal and written expression.

Life Skills Coaching Services (Non-Career)

The Hallowell Center offers one-on-one organizational coaching for people ages 10 and up.  Our coaching experts work with parents to establish front-end interventions for children, teenagers and college students.  Coaching sessions are aimed at designing personalized techniques to address issues such as long-term planning, procrastination, shifting focus, managing multiple demands and time management.  Students will master life skills that will allow them to manage their lives more effectively. Learn more about services for middle school through college here.

A similar approach, tailored to the specific needs of adults, and sometimes in combination with career coaching, helps adults improve life skills in the areas of planning, organization, procrastination and focus.

Career Development and Success: A Program that Offers a Multi-Disciplinary Approach

The Hallowell Center staff work with young adults (16-29) who are seeking to determine what career might best fit their strengths, with mid-career job seekers looking for meaningful work, and with clients at pre-retirement age interested in finding a way to contribute while in retirement.

  • Conduct a self audit of your skills, abilities, and gifts
  • Develop plans that “play to your strengths”
  • Identify skills and develop new habits for increased effectiveness with managers, peers and work teams
  • Clarify a vision and mission for your work life, or retirement dreams
  • “Think outside the box” to create a more fulfilling life

For those clients with ADHD, our Career Development and Success 1 Year Game Plan creates a specific and structured process for job search and development that helps you get past the difficulties you may have getting started and keeping the momentum going in your efforts.

Social Skills Groups

People with ADHD and other learning disabilities often have difficulty reading the emotional cues of others.  These groups work with children, teens and adults to learn how to better interpret social cues and feel comfortable in social situations.

Couples Counseling

For a couples therapy to be successful each person has to be curious about, and take responsibility, for the role how they play in disrupting the relationship. The truth is that we focus on what we can do to change the other person’s behavior, when in fact we can only change our own behavior. How much people are willing to focus on their own behavior really predicts how successful the therapy will be.  Read More


While we do practice telemedicine, it is challenging to provide services across state lines due to restrictions around licensure, however, it varies from state to state. Coaching is available via Skype, Facetime and the over the phone. 

The Quotient

The Quotient is an FDA cleared diagnostic test for ADHD for children and adults ages 6 and up. This affordable 15-20 minute computerized test, the Quotient, with 95% accuracy, indicates whether ADHD is present or not. Find out more about The Quotient!

Digital Cortical Scan or Quantitative EEG (qEEG)

The QEEG measures electrical activity at the surface of the scalp to determine cognitive function

Lexicor Quantitative Electroencephalography (QEEG) or Digital Cortical Scan is the only objective test for identifying the ratio of theta to beta brain wave activity, a key indicator of the presence or absence of ADD/ADHD. This is a safe and non-invasive procedure in which the patient wears electrodes on the scalp that monitor and analyze EEG (brain activity) quantitatively. Results from the QEEG are used in combination with other subjective measures (a complete intake interview, neuropsychological tests and rating scales) to determine a more accurate diagnosis.

Patients and parents deserve a highly accurate assessment of this disorder, so that the treatment received is justified and appropriate. For patients who are found not to have ADHD, the avoidance of unnecessary medication or expensive treatment provides peace of mind.

For more information about Neurofeedback/Quantitative EEG for ADHD diagnosis visit SharpBrains – The Brain Fitness Authority!

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