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Dr. Hallowell's Blog

The Key to the Best Outcome

People often ask me, “What’s the key to getting the best outcome in working with ADD?”

There is no one key.  Watch out for simplistic solutions and the people who offer them.  There is no one best remedy, there is no one best system, there is no one best medication or nutritional supplement.  And what works for one person will not necessarily work for you or your child.

However, having treated ADD in children and adults for over 25 years now, and having ADD as well as dyslexia myself, I can say with absolute certainty that while there is no one key, we do have a marvelous assortment of keys that open many of the doors untreated ADD can seem to close.  The doors to success, personal fulfillment, joy, health, and lifelong satisfaction.

“The key” is to find the various keys that work for you. The best way to do this is to work with a doctor who knows that vast array of available keys.  Sadly, such doctors can be hard to find.  If that’s the case for you, start with my books.  Start with Delivered from Distraction and SuperParenting for ADD.  Those books will show you many keys that might work for you or your child.  As you read, you will start to smile and fill up with knowledge and knowledge’s sibling, hope.

I can tell you for sure that there is always a realistic chance for major improvement.  So don’t settle for mediocre results.  People with ADD are champions in the making.  I want you to know this just as surely as I know it.  You, or your child, are champions in the making.  Let me help you get there, either through my books, or through a personal conversation.  I have started offering telephone appointments for people who can’t come to see me in person.  If you are interested in booking such an appointment, just contact my assistant, Dianne, at info@theguildagency.com

The great mistake people make as they work with their ADD or their child’s is settling for less than the best outcome.  Please don’t make that mistake yourself.

5 Responses to “The Key to the Best Outcome”

  1. Wendy Marshall says:

    I am almost done reading “Superparenting” and I am:energized, uplifted, hopeful, and I can’t wait to get home to engage with my wonderfully gifted superbrained Ferrari-driving 15 year old son. thank you SO much!! this is the first book of yours that I have read. I plan to share it with my friends who are parents of Ferrari children, and our psychologist. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I wish I had had this 7 years ago but today is fine too!-Wendy, Calvin’s Mom

  2. Cooper Thomas Koepp says:

    People with ADD and Dyslexia as SOOO DAMN SMART. People with ADD are the instotuers of change. We are the reason we can see at night, fly, wright on blogs, the list goes on and on my friends. We do these feats because are fantastic problem solvers, by aproucing a problem with out resorce constriction. We all need our own team of imoplowminters. The more we have right and good in our lives the better we do. It is our responsibily to oursleves and others to do what ever it takes to be in the most resorsfull state of mind posible. We have so much more than most. We will risk it all and then some for what we beleave is right and true.

    Ned Hallowell is, well, he is a bright shining star in the midnight sky drounding out miscomunications and misunderstandings, he is a beakin of hope for the sufferings of humaitys most vabuble asset. This dear man has given more to me than eany other person and im chuckling as i wright this b/c iv never even met the man. So Ned, thank you from the core of my heart my frind, I am fluded with emotion of deep gatitued, love, and care with tears of joy, hope, and happness flowing out. You and I want the same thing, to end this suffering for everone that trully does suffer, for it no longer has the right to exzist. I need to be around people that are like me and want the same sorts for and from life. You are a hero amoung heros buddy, and you better say in your body a little wile longer. For do I want the plivlige to work with you, and create a new, an ingenus way to solve this isue that has yet to even atimpted:-) I hope you recovery is a speedy one, my prayers of positve energey are a gift from me to you to continue on Doing what you know is RIGHT and GOOD, DEEP from within the core of your Heart, b/c you have tuched mine with insperashion and hope not jut for me, but all like us! I hope to hear form you soon as an even strounger man than you were befor. Take Care for Life for ever, and I do look farward to the day we get to meet one another in person.

  3. Diane says:

    My ADD son turned 20 this summer and I wouldn’t want any other person for a son. He is honest, hard-working, fun-loving and an enormous help to me. When I see other young people destroying their youth with drugs, alcohol and gang violence, I treasure my ADD son. He certainly has his frustrations with school, making and keeping friends and feeling low some times, but I see a resilience in him that has developed over the years. I think he will do just fine.

  4. Grant J says:

    Just finished reading Driven to Distraction (1994 version) after a new friend let me borrow it- I am exited & concerned about what I’ve read, and came here to see if Dr. H. was still practicing or had plans for a current edition of the book- I am so relieved to find both are realized & a few new books to boot! I have so much more to learn – thank you for your dedication to this subject. With major concerns about insurance companies, doctors & time, I realize I need to get as smart as I can, as fast as I can.

  5. karen Lowry says:

    I have just ordered Superparenting…Although I am a parent2parent teacher for CHADD, i still struggle with what are sometimes the best things to do for my 12 yearold child with ADHD, Dyslexia, and anxieties…Truly self-esteem is a huge mountain to climb..and so necessary to succeed. he is currently at Academy in Manayunk, but it seems that his previous struggles have impacted his success there. it will take time. I have written a book, The Seventh Inning Sit: A Journey of ADHD..I would love you to read it. I am also excited to meet you at the AIM for the Stars event this November 5, 2009!

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