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The Shocking Medical Condition Ruining Your Marriage: ADHD

With Dr Oz!

Seventy-five percent of men with ADHD go undiagnosed. If you recognize the warning signs in your spouse, learn ways to cope.

Watch the video…

One Response to “The Shocking Medical Condition Ruining Your Marriage: ADHD”

  1. kfairchild says:

    I still feel awful that I put my husband through the disorganization and inattention my ADHD caused until I was properly diagnosed. Well, I guess I still put him through my disorganization and inattention, but now we know why! Fortunately, he is able to see the good traits in my silly brain.

    I appreciate the images of the brain scans of the “normal” and “ADHD” brains. With them, it’s easy to argue the existence of brain differences that we’ve grown to love (and hate) about ourselves compared to the “normal” folk. How can anyone deny that there is SOMETHING different with the “normal” and “ADHD” brain, even without knowing the finer points of radiological scans?

    Thank you for mentioning that there is a positive side to ADHD. It is hard to remind my husband of that when he has another discussion with me when I am on conversation autopilot. He thinks I don’t listen to him when this happens. There’s no outward way for him to tell that I’m out in left field, but I’d never purposefully check out of the chatting on purpose. I hate it when we have a conversation and at the end I realize I have no idea what we said. Really, how on earth do I carry on a conversation when I have no idea what I said? I feel terrible when this happens, and so does he, but he does exhibit a level of understanding with me that is approaching sainthood.

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