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We Must Capture the Necessary Brilliance of people with ADHD and LD

I want to introduce all who read my newsletter to an amazing resource for people who have ADHD but don’t fit into the traditional college or grad school setting. It is called InventiveLabs.

As Rick alludes in his TEDx talk, InventiveLabs is changing lives and I see InventiveLabs as the training ground for X-men and X-women, like the Xavier Institute. Hugely needed, InventiveLabs can change the world by giving these young people the starting point they need.

Located just north of Boston, occupying an entire floor of a renovated mill building, it is a breeding ground of new ideas, new companies, new visions, and dreams-come-true.

The brainchild of two successful entrepreneurs in their 50’s, Rick Fiery and Tom Bergeron, Inventive Labs should be the first in a chain of such launching pads for entrepreneurs.

Please join me in rising up and spreading this TEDx talk: tweet it, link it, email it, blog it, like it, comment on it.
This message needs to get out.

People with ADHD are not stupid or lazy! They think differently. We must capture the Necessary Brilliance of people with ADHD by defining a new path for them to achieve success.

And it is working! 2 ADHD superhero success stories:

New Fashion Label – Rebecca, an Australian who was desperate to find a way out of a dead end job, finished a one-year internship program focusing on fashion design. At InventiveLabs, she acquired the tools to launch a new label in beachwear fashion. Mentors helped her identify and work with industry contacts to learn the industry and educated her on the business concepts she would need to understand to produce her line. She also acquired seed funding sourced by the Lab to produce her samples and create her specs for manufacturing. She now has the knowledge to source a manufacturer, get the garments produced and start selling.

The APP Company – 3 guys, none had made it through college, and yet they created a new company, Hyperapptive (you have to love the name)! They met at InventiveLabs, quickly realized they have complimentary skill sets, came up with a bunch of ideas and one rose to the top, but they can’t disclose what it is yet… it is first to market and unique. They were concerned because they didn’t have money, but they learned all the elements of creating a pitch deck, a very detailed business presentation, while at the Lab and presented to investors in Washington DC. The team practiced their pitch many times to business contacts the Lab brought in, and they prepped them with possible questions. They stood their ground for 40 minutes, and raised $270K from the investors and their friends and family that were excited by their idea.

Other Inventives are working on things such as graphic and fictional novels, board game stores and travel businesses, just to name a few. Rick and Tom follow each Inventive’s lead and connect them up with people in the business community that have volunteered to help out at the Lab. Some of these successful businesspeople are ADHD themselves and derive tremendous satisfaction from helping the Inventives at the Lab. It is quite a symbiotic and fulfilling relationship for all involved.

The business and broader community is starting to take note and Rick Fiery was selected to present a TEDx talk at TEDx AmoskeagMillyard last November. It is now available to see on the TEDx YouTube Channel TEDx talk and I highly recommend all of you to listen to the message and stories told by Rick. It is truly inspiring.

In the TEDx talk, Rick describes how they take their Inventives through a process of passion exploration and then attempt to align that passion with a way to forge a livelihood. They provide them with just enough learning, at the right time, to allow them to go create a business, invent something that can be licensed, or possibly even discover that they should enter or re-enter the right college in the right major. It can be a truly life-changing experience for the right person.

So this amazing place is up and running and creating results. I ask you all to rise up and support them by spreading this TEDx talk far and wide. This message needs to be heard, and more of these types of alternatives need to exist, for the Superhero in us all.

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