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Dr Hallowell ADHD and mental and cognitive health

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Dr. Hallowell's Blog

Welcome to the new www.DrHallowell.com!

Welcome!  We’ve been hard at work building a new home for Dr. Hallowell, and at long last it’s ready.  We’ve taken all the information from the old site, added a whole bunch of new information about ADD, Parenting and Wellness, and done our best to make it easy to find and  use.  To get around the site, just click on anything that looks interesting and it will likely take you to whatever you’re curious about.  You can always get back to the home page by clicking on the Dr. Hallowell, live a better life graphic in the upper left hand corner of your screen.  To play a video, just click on it.  Let us know what you think in the comments!

8 Responses to “Welcome to the new www.DrHallowell.com!”

  1. Shawn says:

    Dr. Hallowell,
    Can you give some insight as to how medications can benefit people. Does it help you focus just at a micro-level on specific tasks or at a macro level as well. I have always been a person who has been able to excel with ADD and be very successful, but I get bored very easily -especially with jobs. I find myself at 40 looking at a bunch of jobs that I have held over the years and not at a career because I can’t stay with any one thing long enough. Would medication help with that kind of a macro level issue? Anything that you could recommend that I read on the subject would be great. I have read 3 of your books which have been very helpful in indentifying and explaining many of my behaviors and traits over the past 40 years. Thanks for the help.

  2. Dr Hallowell says:

    Shawn, Yes, medication might be helpful. What you ought to do is see a doctor who understands adult ADD and book an appointment. These doctors aren’t easy to find, but they do exist. You might start with your primary care doctor for a referral. When you find a doctor, interview him/her first and ask how extensive their experience is in treating ADD in adults. It is well worth your time to find a good specialist. You could also come to my center in New York or in the Boston area if you’d like to

  3. Elen Castellanos says:

    Hi Dr. Hallowell! I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed speaking to Dr. Pliner. I was at the April Enrichment weekend in Washington D.C.with my husband and my son, Frankie. We made the decision to have Frankie complete the Cogmed program and wanted to go through the Hallowell Center. Dr. Pliner was so helpful! Frankie just started the program this week. We are looking forward to great results for him. I will keep you posted.

  4. william says:

    How does a 36 year old mail find a Dr. familiar with adult ADD when one does not have insurance? I live in the Denver area.

  5. Yaeli says:

    Hi Dr. Hallowell,
    I’m reading “Driven to distruction” (in Hebrew) and recognize mysely almoust in every page since childhood till today (I’m 40, acheiving nothing no matter how hard I try- life is chaos). My question is how to get started?! I live in Israe and unless you are coming to Israel (soon..:))I don’t know who to trust. I am told to be tested in BRC (long or short?..). there is Albaum method to detect and treat…I’m possitive it should be an ADD expert but should it be a pscyetrest, niroligist.
    Can you recomend something in Israel? Thank you for your book and sorry for my English…All the best, Yaeli

  6. stephen says:

    William, while we aren’t able to recommend individual Doctors outside of the Hallowell Centers, we put together a list of places to help you find someone in your area: http://www.drhallowell.com/add-adhd/referrals/
    Good Luck!

  7. Mom says:

    Dr. Hallowell,
    We desperately need your help. My son in Los Angeles, CA is desperate. He has ADD and has read your books which told his story and realizes he needs help. He can’t keep up financially. His son has major medical expenses, and the cost of living in LA is unbelieveable. He is desparate and gambling. Just lost a lot. I fear for his wellbeing!! Where do you go in LA to find proper help for ADD and gambling? We live in midwest…should we go out there now?

  8. Tom says:

    Hello Dr. Hallowell,

    I’m halfway through Delivered from Distraction. The book matches me exactly. However, the book also FRUSTRATES THE HECK out of me, because you continue to reference the wonders of medication; but my problem is I got addicted and dependent on stimulants (Ritalin, then tried Concerta, and even Provigil). I am an alcoholic as well, went through treatment, etc. So, what does an ADHD / addict do??!!!

    Therapy isn’t helping that much either, and I’m getting desperate.
    Thank You

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