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What is Misophonia?

Have you ever heard of Misophonia? Do you ever find yourself annoyed or in a rage over someone chewing gum, smacking their lips or clicking a pen? Most of us have been annoyed at one time by the sound of another chewing or breathing, but for some it goes way beyond annoyance. In today’s Distraction episode S2 #4, Dr. Hallowell  talks to Josh Furnas, a man who has suffered from Misophonia since he was a young child.

He also speaks with Dr. Phillip Gander, an assistant research scientist at the Department of Neurosurgery at the University of Iowa about this unusual condition.

LISTEN to Dr. Hallowell’s podcast and learn more about Misophonia. If you know someone who might suffer from this condition, please share this post with them.

READ Dr. Hallowell’s comments on misophonia in ADDitude Magazine.

Dr. Hallowell advocates, “Never worry alone.” Read more on how to manage worry here!

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