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Dr. Hallowell's Blog

What Jobs Are Bests for ADHD?

Dr. Hallowell advocates finding the right job.  Whether you have ADHD or not, this is the key to happiness for just about everyone. As Freud said, if you can find love and happiness in love and in work, you will be a happy person. The only reason it is worth mentioning such an obvious fact is that people who have ADHD so offer err in both decisions. They marry and work for controlling, demeaning people who constantly reprimand them for their shortcomings while not even noticing their talents and strengths.

So what jobs are best for ADHD? What workplace accommodations help the most?  How can you learn to navigate office communications and politics?  Click here to find out how Dr. Hallowell and Peter Shankman, two successful entrepreneurs with ADD, answer these plaguing questions and more  from ADDitude readers trying to manage their symptoms at work.

Listen to Dr. Hallowell’s podcast on “Should I Tell My Employees I Have ADD?”

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