The Hallowell Centers All Provide: • The thought leadership and strength-based approach of ADHD expert Dr. Edward "Ned" Hallowell. 

• A team of expert practitioners working together to ensure personalized treatment plans for every patient.

• A wide array of descriptive, diagnostic and therapeutic services all conveniently located under one roof.

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The Hallowell Centers for Cognitive and Emotional Health – Unwrapping the Gifts in All Minds

Getting started is easy. Simply contact one of our new patient specialists:


The Hallowell Center Boston MetroWest provides a full range of support and alternative treatment services for children and adults.

144 North Rd, Suite 2450
Sudbury, MA 01776


The HALLOWELL PRACTICE For ADHD specializes in diagnosing and treating cognitive and emotional conditions in all ages.

117 West 72nd St, 3rd Floor
New York, NY 10023


The Hallowell Center SF specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of cognitive and emotional problems in teens, adults, couples and seniors.

50 California St, 15th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94105


The Hallowell Todaro Center provides comprehensive support for a range of conditions, including but not limited to ADHD

Locations in Seattle and Palo Alto
Seattle, WA • 206-420-7345
Kirkland, WA • 425-999-4227
Palo Alto, CA • 650-446-4900

The Hallowell Centers - We're Here For You!

How Can The Hallowell Centers Help You?

Let me help you, or a person you love, live joyfully and successfully with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD.) Since I have the condition myself, I know a lot about it first hand.  And since I’ve been treating it for some 35 years, I’ve learned a lot of ways to help people achieve at their best.

As I see it, ADHD is a trait, not a disorder.  I like to say I do not treat disabilities, I unwrap gifts.  Yes, ADHD can be a terrible curse; but dealt with properly it can be the wings that carry you to the heights.

Come to one of my centers and let us introduce you to my strength-based approach. It begins with a personal connection with you—and your family if appropriate—and one of our clinicians.  We believe in the power of positive connection above all else.  Upon that positive energy we seek out your, or your child’s, interests and strengths, while also identifying what weaknesses need shoring up.

Together we turn what you may have thought was a “deficit disorder” into an advantage full of powers that can’t be bought or taught. We open up what you’ve known all along was a treasure chest, but you just didn’t know how to open. Welcome! We look forward to meeting you!


“Dr. Hallowell convinced my son ADHD is an ASSET not a liability. He took that lesson to heart and proves his asset to be like finding gold every day. What was once a glass half empty view of ADHD is now a glass overflowing with potential and enthusiasm.”
– Bob M.

After meeting you and your staff, our eyes were opened to such a great life my son can  have with just the right push and guidance. Thank you again and I am so thrilled he will start his college semester with the right foot. Thank you.” M.A. Florida

Want to thank you for all that you have done and to share again how helpful your words and work have been for people.  I must also say that as a practitioner and former resident, I’ve learned more about practice and work with the ADHD population by your works than from anything residency related.  I must thank you as well.” Jake

Hallowell Centers

Since the health and safety of our clients and employees is of utmost importance to us, The Hallowell Centers will remain open to meet your needs, but during this crisis and for your safety, all of the services will be provided remotelyREAD MORE

The Hallowell Difference


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The Hallowell Center of San Francisco, located in the downtown area, is seeking to expand. We are currently seeking part-time clinicians (Educational Therapists, Board certified psychiatrists, licensed psychologists, social workers. Learn More HERE.