ADHD for Parents

ADHD and ParentsADHD: A Family Affair

While ADHD is most commonly diagnosed in childhood, parents are frequently given the diagnosis with little else in the way of information, knowledge, support, or guidance. Parenting children with attentional, emotional, learning, or behavioral difficulties can be very challenging.  As such, it requires new ways of thinking and responding. Parents often struggle with understanding what is going on with their child. They don’t know how best to help their child and the larger family. 

At the Hallowell Centers you will be:

  • taught how the diagnosis of ADHD specifically impacts your child both at home and in school, with a variety of simple and complex tasks.
  • given strategies and tools to help you parent with empathy and awareness, while simultaneously calming the chaos, resolving conflicts, and helping them succeed.

We do this through a variety of ways:

  • by holding small workshops that utilize an ADHD curriculum for parents;
  • leading parent support groups, so you and your parenting struggles will not be in isolation but rather in a warm and supportive community; and
  • providing individual and couple counseling targeted to your specific challenges with your child and in the particular configuration of your family; and,
  • helping you with referrals that you may need along your parenting journey.

Let’s Explore This Further

At the Hallowell Centers, we believe in a strength-based approach to treatment. Our goal is to help children and parents recognize the gifts that each person has.  As such, children benefit from learning more about their ADHD, learning challenges, anxiety, or mood disorders. They also learn new coping strategies.  

Learn more about our:

Enroll in online parenting classes with Cindy Goldrich, Ed.M., ACAC: Calm and Connected: Parenting Kids with ADHD/Executive Function Challenges©.  Course runs for 7 sessions.

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Parent Finds Support in Podcasts

I heard this today whilst listening to the @distractionpodcast and it really resonated with me. Wherever you are in your ADHD journey, always try and hold that in your heart. ADHD isn’t a disability, it’s just a ‘different ability’. Make sure you check out Dr Hallowell’s podcasts, they are so inspiring and exactly what ADHD parents need! They uplift me and make me quite excited about our ADHD future!” Susy Parker

You can access Dr. Hallowell’s ADHD podcasts at

Dr. Hallowell Recommends:

ADHD Lullaby™ is a unique album, recorded using neuroscience, to specifically help children with ADHD fall asleep faster and stay asleep through the night.

“Magic happens when there is motivation that truly comes from the heart. ADHD Lullaby™ is magic… It is one of the best ADHD products I’ve come across in my professional career. ADHD Lullaby™ will change millions of lives.”– Dr. Edward Hallowell, M.D., M.Ed

Raising Will by Katherine Quie is a heartfelt, humbling memoir written by a Texan turned Minnesotan mother and child psychologist.  Dr. Hallowell’s review: “As an expert in the field, this memoir is the real deal. Read it. Laugh, cry, learn, fly and discover the super-power embedded in the condition so misleadingly and inaccurately called ADHD.

Dr. Hallowell’s “Top Ten” ADHD Tips for Parents

ADHD Brain

Having ADHD and dyslexia myself, I’ve been learning about these conditions all my life, 69 years as of now. And as a child and adult psychiatrist, I’ve been treating them since I first learned about them when I was a Fellow in Child Psychiatry in 1981. Furthermore, I’ve written a number of books about ADHD and other learning differences, given hundreds of lectures, and in general marinated in the topic of learning all my life.

So I decided to challenge myself to come up with myTop Ten most important tips for parents, a la David Letterman.  It would have been far easier to produce 100 tips for parents raising children who have ADHD rather than 10.  Of course, limiting myself to just ten required me to cut to the core of what I deem most important. As such, I had to discard some of my favorites, leaving my little darlings on the cutting room floor so to speak, in order to offer you these ten.

Parenting a child with ADHD can be challenging and require a new way of thinking and responding. If you have a child with ADHD, click here to learn how the Hallowell Centers can help you recognize your child's strengths.

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