Signs of ADHD in Children

If you have a child with ADHD, you may notice certain behaviors – like habitual forgetfulness, difficulty finishing tasks, a short attention span, and general lack of organization – early on in the home setting but chalk them up to immaturity or lack of discipline. Once your child starts attending school, however, it becomes increasingly difficult to ignore the signs. Backpacks stuffed with papers, homework assignments only partially completed (or not completed at all), and teacher evaluations highlighting problems of inattention, distractibility, impulsivity or maybe even hyperactivity are signs your child may have ADHD and would benefit from a professional evaluation.

Children with ADHD who have not yet received the diagnosis often feel frustrated and unhappy in school. They may feel stupid, and teachers may label them “lazy” or “a discipline problem.” Far too often, schools identify a child’s flaws and weaknesses but do not identify the child’s interests and strengths. Without intervention, children with undiagnosed ADHD (or other learning disabilities) can fail in school and go on to suffer depression, low self-esteem and anger, among other negative emotions. That is why it is so critical to address the situation early on through proper diagnosis and a strength-based treatment plan that emphasizes the child’s gifts and talents, along with the challenges.

Sometimes, it is the patients themselves who best articulate what a difference it makes to receive an ADHD diagnosis and treatment. One little boy used a beautiful analogy we like to share. “My thoughts are like butterflies. They are beautiful, but they fly away.” After treatment, he explained: “Now I can put a net around the butterflies.”

If you think your child might have ADHD, the only way to know for sure, is to get a diagnosis.  At The Hallowell Centers, we offer a variety of diagnostic and assessment tools to help us evaluate and understand your child’s specific needs. Getting started is easy. Simply request a 15 minute telephone inquiry with our new patient specialist at a location convenient to you.

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If you think your child might have ADHD, the only way to know for sure, is to get a diagnosis. Click here to make an appointment at a Hallowell Center near you.

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