Symptoms of ADHD

The core symptoms of ADHD are excessive distractibility (hard time focusing), impulsivity (reacting too quickly without thinking), and restlessness (hard time staying still in body and mind). These symptoms can lead both children and adults to underachieve, whether at school, at work, or in personal relationships.

People with ADHD have difficulty turning their great ideas into action and often have a track record of underachievement. They may be floundering in school or at work, but it is not because of laziness or an unwillingness to apply themselves. People with ADHD do great one hour and lousy the next, or great one day and lousy the next. Inconsistency of performance is a key symptom of ADHD. Staying put with one activity until it is done is a big challenge for people with ADHD.

People with ADHD have trouble with time management. They are not good at estimating in advance how long a task will take to complete and typically procrastinate, waiting until the last minute to get things done. They also have trouble with organization. Kids with ADHD tend to organize by stuffing everything into their backpacks and closets. Adults with ADHD organize by putting everything into endless piles that tend to grow, rather than diminish, over time. “People with ADHD do great one hour and lousy the next, or great one day and lousy the next.”

At The Hallowell Centers, we take a pragmatic approach to helping our patients achieve and lead more productive lives. We break down each of the ADHD core symptoms into small, distinct, manageable steps as part of an overall action plan to master and “outsmart” the condition.

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It is easy to imagine you have ADHD when you do not.  Don’t try to diagnose yourself.  Leave it to the professionals. Click here to learn how The Hallowell Centers get help make an ADHD diagnosis.

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