Treating ADHD

The Hallowell Advantage

A Positive, Strength-Based Approach to Treating ADHD

Whether for children or adults, the treatment of ADHD should be comprehensive and include a wide range of possible interventions, certainly more than medication or some other single step. Assistance should also be provided over the long-term, as ADHD generally does not go away. The person being treated may not need to go see the doctor very often, but he should always know that help is just one telephone call away.

The Hallowell method favors a comprehensive approach that addresses the totality of the child or adult who comes to us for help. Well-rounded treatment can include steps to alter first, the physical elements of what’s going on through medication, exercise, nutrition, sleep habits, prayer or meditation, as well as alternative treatments like neurofeedback and cerebellar stimulation; second, the behavioral elements of the issue through interventions like cognitive behavioral therapy, behavioral modification plans, coaching, lifestyle changes, and parent counseling; and third, the psychological elements of the issue through individual therapy, couples or family therapy, or other therapies all aimed at promoting strengths and talents. Beyond that, we look at the milieu or system in which the individual lives and try to determine the best school, or the best job, or the best camp, or the best living situation, again always with the goal in mind of promoting talents and strengths.

The Hallowell Center is a place where it is safe to be who you are with the brain you have. Guided by Dr. Hallowell’s strength-based approach, treatment is available by a team of professionals and by Dr. Hallowell himself. The Hallowell Center professional staff hold a number of designations and degrees as well as a highly sophisticated command of the subject.

The discipline of looking at ADHD as a trait, ad providing the road map to living in the world with joy and success has helped children and adults celebrate their talents.

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At The Hallowell Centers, we believe that the treatment of ADHD should never overlook the fact that “the patient is a person first, and a person with ADHD second. If you're struggling with ADHD,  click here to find a Hallowell Center location closest to you.

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