Positively ADHD

Real Success Stories to Inspire Your Dreams

Don’t be distracted by the bad news about ADHD/ADHD. You may not believe it, but having ADHD is a gift. Still, it can be a hard gift to unwrap, so it may help to meet these seventeen fascinating people; including JetBlue CEO David Neeleman, Books-a-Million Chairman, Clyde Anderson and others, who realized that ADHD could help them achieve their dreams. These people did not succeed despite their ADHD, they succeeded because of their creative, energetic, and multifaceted personalities - all characteristics of ADHD. Dr. Hallowell, a bestselling expert in the field of ADHD, teams up with a mother of triplets with ADHD to deliver a much-needed inspirational book that looks at ADHD from a rarely seen positive angle.

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About the Book
Authors: ,
Publisher: Walker & Company
Publication Year: 2006
ASIN: 0802789889
ISBN: 9780802789884
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