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The first step to becoming a patient at the Hallowell Center is to schedule an INTAKE call with our New Patient Coordinator. This is a 15 minute informational call, which is free of charge. It’s an opportunity for you to let us know what services you’re seeking and ask a few questions. The New Patient Coordinator will get some basic information, including a brief description of your medical history and current situation. After your conversation, the Coordinator will then make a recommendation on the best course of action for you. Please call 978-287-0810 when you are ready to make your first appointment and our administrative staff will help you with scheduling. We look forward to hearing from you.

Appointments can be made by phone only. Please call 978-287-0810 to both make and cancel appointments.

Before Your First Appointment

Please read these before your first appointment:

Please download, fill out and print the appropriate New patient Registration Form – Adult or Child, Authorization for Exchange of Information and Authorization for Release of Information below before coming to the Center for your first appointment. Thank you.

Patient Registration Forms:

Allows clinicians to contact and speak with someone who knows you well (such as another doctor) to support their evaluation/assessment and/or to support your ongoing treatment.

Authorization for Release of Information

Allows the Center to release your protected information (i.e., copies of your records) as specified.

Getting started is easy!
Call our New Patient Care Coordinator at 978-287-0810.

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