Coaching sessions are offered in person by phone or Skype at the Hallowell Center Boston Metrowest.

For Career Development and Success contact Robin Roman Wright at 978-287-0810 to schedule a complimentary inquiry call to learn more about her Coaching services.

For all other coaching services listed contact Rebecca Shafir, speech/language pathologist and executive functioning coach at 978-287-0810 to schedule a complimentary inquiry call to learn more about her coaching services. Email her at

It’s Never Too Late To Resuscitate your teen’s school performance!

How can a student recover from dipping grades, anxiety and low self-esteem because of troubles getting work done, done well and on time? I developed Emergency Academic Recovery System (EARS) after years of success training middle school to college age students on how to ramp up their school performance in very short periods of time. Often, poor executive functioning is the culprit – difficulties with planning, organizing, initiating, emotional regulation, working memory, inhibition and the ability to shift between tasks and emotional states.

EARS is not tutoring. EARS teaches students how to motivate themselves, take charge, problem solve and develop the skills and habits for long-term success. EARS coaching is for students in 8th grade, freshmen and sophomores in high school.

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For a complimentary inquiry call 978 287-0810.

CollegeCORE Coaching (by phone, Skype or in person) helps college-bound high school upperclassmen and college students conquer the most common problems associated with ADHD or Executive Dysfunction. Rebecca provides effective, practical and non-medication solutions for getting work done well and on time. It’s not about working harder; it’s about working smarter. She has worked with ADHD students for over 20 years. Rebecca’s coaching and training approach builds the core skills and routines that enable success in school and greater marketability for the workplace.

To set up a complimentary CollegeCORE inquiry session or to make an appointment with Rebecca Shafir, contact the Hallowell Center Boston MetroWest in Sudbury MA at 978-287-0810 or her West Newbury office 978-255-1817 to schedule sessions in person or by phone or Skype.

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If you are an upperclassman in high school or a college student wanting a strong start and finish to the upcoming academic year, consider CollegeCore Coaching this summer. Build a strong core of personal skills and routines for success in September. Whether you are taking summer school or not, there are many ways to cultivate new skills and routines for getting work done well and on time. Acquire these new habits over the summer so you can hit the ground running come September.

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Q: Why do 80%+ of startups fail? Isn’t entrepreneurship all about courage and passion?

A: Startups fail because they run out of cash. It takes more than courage and passion to achieve and sustain business success. It takes core. In most failed startups, the founders were mentally unprepared and lacked the core skills and routines needed to go solo or lead a team. CoreFour Coaching strengthens the four core skills and routines every entrepreneur needs to succeed:

  • Emotional regulation and flexibility
  • Focus and Follow Through
  • Communication Competence
  • “Shark-ready” presentation skills

Learn to be the CEO of you before you lead others! Get COREageous and start building your core skills and routines now. CoreFour Coaching can benefit any working adult or intrapreneur who wants to excel personally and professionally.

Rebecca Shafir M.A.CCC, author, speech/language pathologist and coach with over 30 years experience helps business people and entrepreneurs move forward with their ventures.

Start with a 90 minute interview (in person or via Skype or FaceTime) with Rebecca and build a customized plan designed with your personal objectives in mind. Sessions are scheduled as needed and range from 15 minute check in sessions to 60 minute working sessions. Call for a complementary inquiry call to see if CoreFour Coaching is for you.

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CoreCoaching (by phone, Skype, FaceTime or in person) with Rebecca Shafir helps adults with ADHD, Executive Dysfunction or ADT (Attention Deficit Traits) to clear the obstacles to their full potential. Rebecca provides effective, practical and non-medication solutions for getting things done, done well and on time. She has worked with ADHD adults for over 25 years.  Rebecca’s coaching and training approach builds the core skills and routines that enable success at home, at the workplace and in one’s personal life. 

CoreCoaching Clients can learn:

  • skills and routines for managing anxiety and improving focus
  • to become more independent, and how to be the coach of YOU
  • self-accountability
  • task and time management skills
  • problem-solving skills
  • the importance of sleep and exercise and strategies for consistency 
  • how to apply Rebecca’s 80/20 approach for managing procrastination
  • communication skills
  • self-advocacy skills

How CoreCoaching works: The process begins with a complimentary 15-20 minute inquiry call with Rebecca to learn about her CoreCoaching approach. Schedule an inquiry call at 978-287-0810.

A 90 minute meeting (in person, Skype, FaceTime or phone) follows to get background information, review test results (if any), identify personal strengths, establish objectives for improvement, etc. Based on that meeting an action plan is created and the frequency of coaching sessions is determined.  $350.00

The coaching schedule is customized to the client and his/her needs. Coaching sessions are $150/hour, $75/30 minutes.

Sessions may be 1-3x a week; duration and frequency is determined by Rebecca and the client. A spouse or partner may also be involved, if desired. Progress is addressed at each session. As the gains become more consistent and the client becomes more independent, the coaching sessions wind down. Check-in sessions are monthly or bi-monthly, then every six months or as needed.

To set up a CoreCoaching inquiry session or to make an appointment with Rebecca Shafir, contact the Hallowell Center in Sudbury MA at (978) 287-0810 or her West Newbury office (978) 255-1817 to schedule sessions in person or by phone, FaceTime or Skype. Sessions may be reimbursable through your insurance. 

Ms. Roman Wright, M.A. of the Hallowell Center staff works with young adults (16-29) who are seeking to determine what career might best fit their strengths, with mid-career job seekers looking for meaningful work, and with clients at pre-retirement age interested in finding a way to contribute while in retirement. Career Coaching can help you Conduct a self audit of your skills, abilities, and gifts, develop plans that play to your strengths, identify skills and develop new habits for increased effectiveness with managers, peers and work teams, clarify a vision and mission for your work life, or retirement dreams, and helps one think “outside the box” to create a more fulfilling life.

In these times of media overload, parents are being bombarded with unhelpful advice (or judgement) about how to parent a child with ADHD.  Parenting a child with ADHD can be challenging as often the “conventional wisdom parenting advice” is not effective for children with ADHD, and sometimes exacerbates behavioral problems.   Parent coaching at the Hallowell Center can help parents understand behavior through an ADHD lens in order to respond (not react) to behavior in ways that teaches the child skills and strengthens connections in the family.  Parent coaching is done with a strengths perspective, as is our approach to all treatment at the Hallowell Center.   

Family therapy can help your family recognize unhelpful patterns of communication and interacting that have developed unintentionally as a result of untreated ADHD, learning challenges, Anxiety, or Mood disorders.  Family therapy provides a safe place to address these patterns and create new ways of connecting, communicating, and interacting as a family. 

Getting started is easy!
Call our New Patient Care Coordinator at 978-287-0810.

Getting started is easy!
Call our New Patient Care Coordinator at 978-287-0810.

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