By far the most powerful therapy for any of life’s difficulties is love. By far the most powerful tool we have to bring out the best in a person is love. The difference between a happy life and a sad one is the quality of love in that life.  Modern psychiatry too often forgets the primary importance of love. As psychiatrists increasingly simply diagnose and medicate, they miss the great opportunity to “prescribe” love. How, you may wonder, can a doctor prescribe love?

Here’s how I do it.

I urge my patients to lead what I call a positively connected life. Loving connections can develop in many different ways. You may feel a loving connection to members of your extended family, to your mate, to your children, to your friends. You may also feel a loving connection to your pet, to your favorite beach, to a team you root for, to a club or organization, to a piece of music or poem or painting, to nature, to certain ideas, to God. Loving connections lead to a happy, healthy, and fulfilling life. They are free and readily available. To tap into their power, all you have to do is intend to do so.

Oddly, people fear love far more than aggression. When you are aggressive, you have your fists up, you are defended.

To love, you must let your guard down. You must become vulnerable.

But it is in love that you find the best in life. It is in love that you find the eternal, the part of us that can’t be killed and will never die. It is in love that you find what matters most.

Take it seriously. Lead a lovingly connected life.

Read, “The Pennies Are Everywhere” and discover why love is all around and how easy it is to make connections when you notice the little things.

Dr. Hallowell reflects on the gift of love in his podcast. Listen here.

Relationships can be challenging; plagued by misunderstanding, anger, frustration and hurt. If you're having relationship problems, The Hallowell Centers offer couples therapy. Click HERE to find a location near you. 

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