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Distraction,” podcast is hosted by Dr. Edward Hallowell, child and adult psychiatrist, New York Times best-selling author, and leading authority in Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD,) explores how we are driven to distraction and offers coping strategies to turn these modern problems into new-found strengths.

Each Tuesday, a new “Distraction” podcast is released and available via:

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A mini-podcast is released each Thursday as well.

These podcasts offer hands-on advice and famous and fascinating guests share their experiences and methods of coping and connecting. While Dr. Hallowell has helped millions free themselves from the distractions and tendencies of ADHD, he now extends that same sound and accessible guidance to anyone suffering from the harried crazybusy pace of modern life — whether at home, at school, in the workplace, or at play.

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I heard this today whilst listening to the @distractionpodcast and it really resonated with me. Wherever you are in your ADHD journey, always try and hold that in your heart. ADHD isn’t a disability, it’s just a ‘different ability’. Make sure you check out Dr Hallowell’s podcasts, they are so inspiring and exactly what ADHD parents need! They uplift me and make me quite excited about our ADHD future!” Susy Parker

Hi! I am an avid listener of your podcast Distraction. I just wanted to say that I love what you are doing. The check ins are great, each one of the episodes is uniquely informative and beautiful, and I just love reading and listening to Dr. Hallowell (I have a number of his books). His voice and choice of words brighten my day every time I listen to the podcast. Thank you, thank you for what you do. Please continue to put out episodes for as long as you can. Wishing you the very best.” David D.

Our Favorite Episodes:

An Ode to Autumn – learn how to pause and reflect on the beauty that surrounds us.

Testimonials Continued

“Audio is my go-to medium (audiobooks, podcasts, et al) so I subscribed as soon as I received the email yesterday. The fist podcasts were very insightful. Because I listen to them at 2x speed, I can consume more than I can by reading. Thanks for producing these!”

“Dr. Hallowell, I have been enjoying your Distraction Podcast. I believe I learned about it via one of your newsletter, and have been hooked ever since. As a patient at your Sudbury MA office, I am very appreciative of the information you have been sharing, as it is making a lot of sense of what I lived with in the past. I am so happy with the changes to my life since learning about having ADHD. I truly feel blessed with the understanding that it is NOT just me. And as a 52 year old man, I can also attest that it is never too late learn how to embrace this diagnoses and enjoy life.” J.R.


Tune in today and listen to all episodes to learn how to take back control of your time, manage your addiction to technology, connect with people daily, clear your clutter and more!

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